13 Signs Your Angels Are With You

Have you ever wondered how to distinguish the presence of angels in your life?

Angels are divine and spiritual beings made of pure light.

They exist on a different energetic level than humans, so in order to experience their guidance, you must disconnect your intuition and increase your present moment awareness.

When you are grounded in clarity and a sense of calm, you will find it easier to notice the many signs, hints, and gentle omens that the angels bring.

Angelic guidance can occur in many ways.

Their messages can manifest to you in the form of dreams, a flash of insight or inspiration during a meditation session or even through channeled messages.

If you are someone who is very attuned to your psychic abilities, you can receive communication through your senses.

For many though, the signs of the angels are a subtle tug in a certain direction, hints and clues in the form of signs and symbols that we encounter in our daily lives.

Once you practice connecting with angelic guidance, you may notice that the signals you receive increase or become more obvious and more direct.

It is a case of tuning in and believes that spiritual guidance is around. We all have our challenges in life and decisions to make.

The angels will help direct your path by revealing signs that mean something to you, winks and nudges that they know will turn you on your individual path.

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Common Signs from Angels

Some of the most common signs from angels are explored below. The angels may be answering a question you have asked, or appearing as a validation of the path you have chosen. They may also simply be there to show you that they are close and ready to help you whenever you need it.

A feather

Finding feathers along your path is a well-known sign that angels are nearby. Feathers make us think of light and flying things, it is clear that we see the connection with angelic beings. If you find a white feather, you can be sure that it is a sign of an angel, even if there are white birds around. The important part is to feel the connection between the experience of finding the feather and the thought of the angels. If you want to ask for a sign from your angels, asking for a feather to appear to you somewhere during your day is a great way to communicate with them.


Whenever you see a rainbow, whether it is a physical rainbow in the sky or a picture or painting, it is a wonderful symbol of peace, love and positive energy. Rainbows are beautiful signs from the angels to confirm that they are with you. If you have been asking for validation or encouragement, know that a rainbow will be sent to affirm that you are on your way. If you see a rainbow when there has been no rain, a double rainbow or rainbow orbs around the moon, these are extra special indications from the angels that all is well.


Angels like to show their presence in the clouds. Be aware of any rays of sunlight shining through in a particularly spectacular way, or maybe you’ll see a cloud in the shape of an angel or a heart. Heaven is a wonderful place to observe the signs of angels.


Every time you notice a soft, beautiful and subtle scent, this is a beautiful sign from the angels who are close. This is true even if you are walking by a rose bush or jasmine, especially if you have been thinking of angels. Our loved ones who have died often tell us about their well-being through their scents. Have you ever smelled your grandmother’s perfume? Or a personal scent that reminds you of someone you loved? That is a clear sign of those who have passed to the other realm, and make themselves known to you in spirit.

Babies and pets

The higher realms of spirit are often much easier for babies, toddlers and animals to see as they do not have the blocks that adults tend to get in the way of clear angelic experience. If you ever notice a baby that seems to smile in the distance, or focus on something that isn’t there, you might consider it an angel. The same is true when you see cats looking just beyond you in the air. The act of you noticing them, noticing something outside your field of vision, is a sign from the angels.


Pay attention to any song that pops into your head. Maybe you wake up with a song playing in your head, or you keep noticing the same song on the radio. These synchronic moments are the angels who bring you messages through music to guide you. Some people report hearing beautiful angelic voices when they meditate. Whatever your experience, be open to the messages through the songs and give thanks to the angels for their presence in your life.


If you find coins or money in general, pay attention to what it may symbolize for you. Have you expressed your financial concerns to the angels, or is there a date on the coin that means something to you? When you find the coin, the angels are communicating that you are valued and that abundance is available to you. It is a wonderful symbol of luck and encouragement.

Sparkles of light

starry light

Angels communicate in light because they are light themselves, so any time you notice an unusual flash of light or color, maybe an orb of light or a beautiful shaft of sunlight, a star that really catches your eye or whatever kind of a shimmering reflection, you know the angels are near.

Change in temperature

Many people report a change in temperature when they feel the presence of angels. You can experience a wonderful warmth inside, whole body glowing. Otherwise you may feel tingling and shivering, a cold feeling on you. Whatever your experience, know it is a validation of the connection of light, love and energy from your angelic guides.


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Sometimes, you may feel that you are not alone in a room. Every time you feel the presence of something with you, it is an angel. You may have mild tingling or numbness in the back of your head or neck. Maybe you feel a wave of love wash over you. You are loved and cared for, unconditionally by the angels.

Signs, Words and Advertisements.

Angels love to lead us in the direction of their guidance using words, signs and even advertisements. If you’ve been thinking about a decision or wanted some kind of road insurance, you may find yourself noticing words on signs or advertisements while driving, that talk about that decision. If this happens, take the hint.


Have you ever thought of appearing a message? Or hear a terrifying voice that seems to come from nowhere? May they be your angels guiding you. Hearing subtle voices does not mean you are going crazy, you may be tuning into the way the angles are trying to communicate with you. This can also be the case if you listen to someone else talking, and they seem to be discussing the exact topic you have questions about. You may only hear one word, but it is of significance to you. The angels know and are trying to get through to you in ways they know you will hear.


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Magical number sequences are a sure sign from the angelic realm that you are on the right path with your life and purpose. Do you ever notice repeating numbers on clocks, computers or car dashboards? For example 11.11, 12.12 or 11111 or 22222 or 4444? Or any number of synchronous number sequences? They are a loving symbol of alignment and positive energy. Know that your angels are with you and guide you with love.

Whenever you experience a sign or symbol from the angels, take the time to express your gratitude and appreciation for their love. I take a deep breath and thank them for their kind guidance. As you become more aware and in sync with angelic guidance, you can practice asking for specific direction or encouragement with personal issues in your life.

The most important thing is to make sure you ask from a place of connection and not from a frantic needy mindset. This way you can be sure to interpret the right answer that is perfect for you, wherever you are in your life’s journey. For a greater understanding of the sacred signs of the universe, click the ebook link.