17 Second Thought Activation: The Ultimate Manifestation Success

Abraham Hicks is well known for his work in the law of attraction, and the 17 Second Thought is one of his most famous concepts.

The idea is that thoughts are powerful things, and by holding a thought for at least 17 seconds, you can begin to manifest it into reality.

Of course, this is more challenging than it seems.

Our minds are constantly chattering with all sorts of positive and negative thoughts.

In order to really focus on one thought for 17 seconds, it takes practice and concentration.

But the more you do it, the easier it gets.

And as you start to see results, it becomes even more motivating.

It’s like sending a message to the universe, you have to stay on it long enough for the message to be broadcast.

And some people say it’s 17 seconds, while others say a different amount.

What do I think? I guess if you believe it’s 17, then that’s the magic number.

If you believe otherwise, then that will be done.

Your intention is much more important. It’s not like science.

It’s not like cooking, where you have to put in exactly this amount of vanilla to make the cake taste good.

It is the power of your belief that makes it true.

This means determining what you want, increasing emotional vibrancy such as joy, desire and passion, and having absolute faith it will be fulfilled.

Which is 17 seconds or 30 seconds, it is not a rule.

But the longer you hold it, the better you communicate with the universe you want.

And it is better that once you have decided on a certain length, you must make a ritual out of it.

That means it could be 13 or 14 or 20 seconds or whatever feels good to you, but once you do it, keep doing it.

Activate every thought you have for the same time.

I don’t know why this works, but I have noticed that once I have acted like this, the manifestation becomes much easier.

It was like I discovered a cheat for life, a “shortcut” to the Law of Attraction.

But why does the 117 second manifestation technique work?

It is the law of vibration.

The law of vibration says that everything around us is energy that vibrates at a very high level.

You know this from elementary physics, you learned it at school.

All matter is just energy moving at a very high speed.

When you “activate” a thought by holding it in your mind, raising its vibration emotionally, and having absolute faith, it becomes reality – or rather, it has already become reality, you are sending a “wave link” of vibration to the universe .

Sorry, this might be confusing, let me explain.

When you think positively, you will attract some favorable circumstances because like attracts like.

You should do this. But it’s like having a flashlight, a poor one.

Sure, it provides light, but it’s diffused and all over the place.

It will not travel far nor will it be seen with ease.

When you hold a thought for 17 seconds, it’s like using a laser beam.

All your energy and focus is concentrated on one point.

You send a clear message to the universe about what you want, and you are much more likely to manifest what you desire.

So affirmations…overall positive thinking…daydreaming…all are like flashlights.

They are good at cutting through the dark but not amazing.

The activation of thought and other techniques such as intense meditation and rituals of the Law of Attraction are like a laser beam that concentrates all its energy in one point only instead of spreading around.

Now, does that make sense? And there is another part to the law of vibration.

The vibration happens. It is not something you make happen.

Everything vibrates around you. You vibrate because you are made of energy like everything else in this universe.

All the circumstances you desire exist in their own vibrational form.

Let me repeat this to you.

The world you desire is already out there.

Love, wealth, health, everything you want to exist and surround you.

But you can only connect with it once you operate on the same vibrational level.

Let’s say you want to manifest love in your life, a worthy goal.

Do you think you will create that ideal person out of nothing from your thoughts?

No. He is already there. It exists, it has a past, and it will have a future.

It exists independent of you, whether you are thinking about it or not.

So, when you decide that this is what you want, when you add passion and joy to this, when you have so much faith that you are looking at this as if it has already happened, your vibration rises to the level of his vibration and the two of you are brought together.

It’s like basic physics – if you put two magnets together of negative polarity, they attract each other.

As you know, it is very difficult to keep two magnets from creating a connection; the bigger the magnet, the harder the task.

On the other hand, two magnets with the same polarity will repel each other.

It is a law of nature. The magnets do not decide that this should happen. She simply does.

So is the Law of Attraction and the law of vibration.

You want more money.

There are about 15 trillion dollars in circulation in the world right now.

That’s a lot of money, and there’s a lot more in investments and so on.

When you activate your desire, you do not create money out of thin air.

It’s not like a suitcase full of US dollars will come out of nowhere.

No. It matches the vibration of wealth, and of course you draw some of that money.

You will develop a magnetism for what you want.

You will go through life like that magnet I told you before, attracting things to you – in this case, money.

But here’s the kicker.

You are already going through life as that magnet. Always have, always will.

Because as you can attract wealth, so can you attract poverty.

Just as you can attract love, so can you attract hate.

You are a human magnet, or the Law of Attraction makes you one, and you constantly attract and repel based on your dominant thoughts and the emotions you associate with them.

And if you don’t like what you are attracting, then your job is simple – change the polarity.

Change your vibrational level and attract something else, something that will benefit you. It is simple.

Have you ever tried using the 17 second thought trigger?