3 Best Essential Oils for Mindfulness

Mindfulness is thinking with intention. When we are aware, we are aware of what is happening in our lives.

It helps us not to feel overwhelmed.

It helps us to reduce.

It helps us regulate how we respond emotionally.

We have five senses—and the sense of smell is one of the most powerful, combined with meditation will enhance the result. When we smell something beautiful or familiar, it lifts our mood and relaxes us.

Essential Oils For Mindfulness Practice

3 Best Essential Oils for Mindfulness

Essential oils can stimulate our sense of smell, which can be significant for mindful meditation. In addition, these oils can calm the senses.

These oils can help center, ground, and focus the mind. In addition, these oils can reduce negative energy by boosting feelings of positivity, self-respect, determination and gratitude.

Our lives are full of constant work, insufficient rest, scattered focus, and exhaustion. Therefore, bringing meditation into your life can help clear the mind, clear the spirit, and put you in a higher state of consciousness.

Here are some of the essential oils that can lift your focus:

1. Frankincense

Frankincense oil comes from the Frankincense tree native to specific regions of Africa and the Middle East. It carries a strong woody, earthy and spicy aroma, which is comforting and is thought to help strengthen the respiratory system.

What makes it good mindfulness: the oil contains properties that help reduce feelings of anxiety and stimulate the immune system. In addition, it can help eliminate surface and airborne bacteria.

2. Sandalwood

Sandalwood comes from several types of sandalwood trees of the genus Santalum. Often used as an ingredient in perfumes and cosmetic products due to its fragrance, there are also food grade versions for chocolates and sweets.

What makes it good mindfulness: the oil is believed to help in the creation of physical and mental disorders such as anxiety. When used for aromatherapy, it transmits messages to a part of the brain that is involved in controlling emotions.

3. Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America. Traditionally, it is used to relieve common colds, flu symptoms, asthma and headaches.

What makes it good for attention: the oil is great for calming the immune and nervous systems. It also helps with anxiety along with physical pain. In addition, it promotes feelings of being grounded and calm.

Meditation With Essential Oils

3 Best Essential Oils for Mindfulness

This is a simple meditation that you can do at home for just a few minutes at home.

  • Be comfortable – find a place where you can meditate comfortably and without distractions. You can also create a sacred space with candles, crystals, etc., which can help you turn the place into a sanctuary.
  • Choose your essential oil – there are different types of essential oils to choose from. You can refer to the list above or explore other essential oils.
  • Be present – ​​pay attention to your present moment; what is happening now? Listen to the sounds you hear. Feel your emotions. Let the thoughts come and go.

Mindfulness for meditation requires practice, patience, and time. Your thoughts may wander several times during your meditation and that is okay. When you catch these wandering thoughts, simply return to the present.

Although it may seem incredibly simple, but meditation can sometimes be the hardest thing to do. And if you feel frustrated about it, remember that this is what the mind does. Just notice it turning on but don’t give it your full attention. Focus your awareness on your breath and let the chatter of the mind drift away.

Mindfulness is an essential tool and if you practice it every day, you can benefit from it wherever you are. Make meditation a part of your daily life and watch your life change.