3 Ways You Sabotage Your Dreams

One of the main reasons we sabotage our dreams is that we (unconsciously) project our fears and doubts onto the dream. It starts with the question “what if?”

Thus, we prevent our worst nightmares on our dreams. What happens when we do this, creating a scenario where we move towards the dream is also a step towards our worst fears and doubts. Most of the time, fears and doubts overcome the possibility of our dreams.

This happens because we attach our reality to our dream, and although this is vital, there must still be strong boundaries between the two. See, when you have too much of your reality going on inside your head, it’s hard to see the possibility of a dream.

Many people take a reactive approach to life events instead of taking a proactive approach. We want to be problem solvers, and while that’s a good thing, it’s not as exciting as being a visionary and imagining a life you want and moving towards that life.

Here are some of the other ways in which people sabotage their dreams:

1. You’re Too Busy To Focus On Them

3 Ways To Sabotage Your Dreams

We’re all busy—but how much of your busy time is spent taking actions toward your goals? It’s easy to feel busy when you’re checking emails, writing, running errands, etc., but let’s face it, these things won’t get you closer to your dreams.

It’s too easy to get busy with busy work that we don’t really move towards completing things that are important. That’s why instead of sabotaging your dreams because you think you’re too busy, you need to make your dreams a priority. Set aside time each day to do things that bring you closer to your dreams. You can always reply to that email after you have worked on your dream.

2. You think it’s too hard

How do you see your dream? Is it something you find too difficult for you? Do you feel you lack the skills and resources to make it happen?

If you ever find yourself seeing your dream as something too difficult, take small steps that will bring you closer to your dream. For example, if you want to run a marathon, but haven’t started yet, why not start running five minutes a day? Work your way from there until you pick up the pace and build the momentum that will bring you closer to your dream.

3. You think no one has done it before

3 Ways To Sabotage Your Dreams

This kind of thinking has killed many dreams. It is his pessimistic commentary and negative inner voice that feeds this kind of lie.

If you ever catch yourself thinking that you dreams are unattainable just because no one has done it yet, create a plan that is feasible for you and get started on it. It’s easy to say you can’t do it just because you haven’t seen anyone else do it—but who says you can’t be the first to do it? Why do you want to wait for other people to make it happen, when you know for yourself that you can?

Remember, if you will make your dreams come trueall you have to do is get started.