A Message for Healing and Self-love with the Virgo Full Moon

We have a significant month ahead in energy and the March 7th Virgo Full Moon marks the beginning of these shifts.

FULL MOON RITUAL – Spell to manifest…

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FULL MOON RITUAL – Spell to manifest your desires – Witchcraft and Wicca

Whenever we reach the Full Moon part of the lunar cycle it always means a time of release, ending, clarification, and acceptance.

It is a poignant time to work on letting go of the old patterns of behavior, emotions, and stagnant thoughts that get in the way of fulfilling our dreams.

The Full Moon always acts like a spotlight, shining the truth on all that we prefer to keep hidden – a time to acknowledge our shadows and work on healing what holds us back and keeps us small.

While the New Moon is more suited to setting intentions and manifesting, the Full Moon is a great time to clear the way for what you intend to attract into your next life.

This particular moon falling in the earth sign of Virgo raises the following themes for us to look at:

  • Health and healing on physical and emotional levels.
  • Cleaning and literal cleaning of our living space.
  • Let go of perfectionism

When we pay attention to the themes of each Full Moon and choose to work with them in our lives, we move in harmony with the Moon’s energies and are much more likely to see positive change happen in our lives.

Health and Healing

Virgo is the sign associated with health, service, perfectionism and healing.

It has a soft, Goddess energy that guides us inward to the wisdom we hold within, and encourages us to follow our intuition and seek guidance from our higher selves.

Virgo is an Earth sign and is connected to the natural cycles of our planet. This energy reminds us to find healing and support from Mother Earth.

We can always rely on the natural elements to discover greater healing through practices such as walking barefoot on the land, swimming in lakes, rivers and oceans, taking a daily dose of sunlight – the sun, we breathe in the fresh air, and we consume raw and fresh fruit. and vegetables.

It is a wonderful time to begin your healing journey by including as many of these practices as you can.

Interestingly, Chiron, the asteroid symbolized as healing the wounded, and Jupiter, the planet linked to positivity and expansion are very active at the time of this Virgo Full Moon, which serves to highlight and enhance the -healing energy available to you.

Because this is a Full Moon that always shines light on everything, it can also bring health issues to the surface for healing. It can also draw your attention to where you have been neglecting your self-care.

Pay attention to what is showing up in your life for healing during the week before and after the Full Moon and take positive action.

Cleaning and Decluttering

It is the ideal time for a spring cleaning of your home and work spaces.

Where you spend your time is an extension of your energy field. You always want your living and working environment to be a reflection of who you are evolving to become.

Using your time to organize your space, throw away old and unwanted things, rearrange furniture, and deep clean your home and office can have a very positive effect on your mind, body and soul.

Creating a space that supports your creativity and helps you be more productive is an amazing way to use this powerful energy that shines upon us with the Virgo Full Moon.

Let go of Perfectionism

Virgo is linked to perfectionism, being self-critical and analytical.

While those qualities always have a positive side, they can also be very negative and keep you stuck in feelings of low self-esteem and not recognizing your inner gifts and strengths.

All this Virgo energy encourages you to release your fear of failure and to let go of any old beliefs and thought patterns that keep you feeling unworthy.

Capitalize on this wonderful energy to let go of those self-critical thoughts once and for all and step into your true greatness.

You are good enough to share your skills, talents and gifts with the world.

Meditate on what you want to share with the world and make a decision to allow it to happen.

If you search deep within you will find an innate knowledge that you deserve it.

Let that knowledge be dominant within you, and drown out any fear of failure or feelings of imposter syndrome.

Empower yourself to shine as only you can.

We all make mistakes, but we can learn from them and move forward rather than sulk and feel bad about ourselves.

Use everything in your life as a chance to evolve and never hold yourself back again.

The Full Moon is the perfect time to recognize your power and potential and share it with the world as only you can.

Perhaps the biggest message from this Full Moon in Virgo is about self-love.

Virgo is symbolized by pure and loving yet strong God energy.

This energy can be felt in our skies from the planet Venus and the dwarf planet Eris.

This energy is about being empowered and strong within ourselves.

If we do not practice self-love and stand up for ourselves, we cannot use our strength for good.

We need to be confident, strong, and prepared in body and mind in order to become our best selves and help others do the same.

Honor where you are being called to go within for reflection during this Full Moon and do not be afraid to do the healing work necessary for you to become your best self.

Radical self-love is the first step and foundation to living the life you dream of.

Don’t be afraid of anything this lunar energy brings to light for you to deal with.

When you have a deep well of confidence and inner strength, you will see everything that comes into your experience as a chance for evolution and greater manifestations.