Are You Ready for a Spiritual Spring Clean?

Here in the northern hemisphere Spring has arrived.

Birds are chirping, flowers are shooting up from the ground, and the energy is all about new beginnings.

It is the perfect time for a Spring Clean, but not only for your home, a spring clean of your spirit is also in order.

Mother Earth is speeding up her energetic field, and you can too.

The space you live in is a reflection of your entire life. This goes for your home, your living and working environment, and also your own physical body – the home for your soul.

When your surroundings feel clean, clear and positive, you will feel positive too, and reflect that positivity in the rest of your life.

Likewise, taking care of your spiritual and emotional body has wonderful benefits that extend into the rest of your life as well.

Doing a thorough spring clean of your home and your spirit is a beautiful way to declare to the Universe that you are ready to welcome in a new flow of energy and abundance into your life.

Simple practices for your Spiritual Spring Clean

Turning your attention to stagnant energy in your home is a great way to start.

Intuitive Scan

Walk around your home and see where you are intuitively drawn. Move around your space and experience how you feel around certain objects, areas or images. What feelings and thoughts arise for you?

Try to notice if you feel uplifted, happy, and positive, or if you feel a heavier energy.

Anything that doesn’t feel good to you, anything that feels draining or stagnant should be removed or replaced with something that makes you feel uplifted instead.

You may feel drawn to physically clean around a certain area or change pictures around, or add candles, crystals, or plants to change the energy of the space.

Store anything that feels heavy away for the winter in a drawer or storage box (this is especially true for clothes and shoes that you won’t need for months).

Create a Meditation Space

If available to you in your home, create a space (literally it can be a corner) that you choose as your meditation space.

Clean or spray the area with essential oils such as citrus, lavender, and tea tree mixed with water or castile soap.

Clear the area of ​​clutter and place a comfortable chair or cushion there. Arrange any crystals or special objects of yours that are significant, such as feathers, shells, photographs, etc.

The idea is to feel the energy flowing clearly and easily through this space and know that whenever you come here to connect with your inner self you will always feel calm and peaceful.

Release Negativity with Movement

One of the best ways to release negative energy from your physical and spiritual body is through movement. You can go for a brisk walk, bike ride, or run of course, but also consider the power of dance.

Dancing allows you to be uninhibited and let your emotions flow through you freely. It can get you right out of your head and into your body.

When you are alone in your home you are free to be completely yourself. Put on your favorite music, make sure it has a strong beat and let yourself move and flow with the rhythm without thinking about it.

You should not be aware (so you should do it yourself!).

Close your eyes and let your body be your guide. This is an amazing way to embody your true energy and release anything that is blocking you.

It will release endorphins and help you feel a sense of clarity and direction that you didn’t have before.

Cut the Ropes

This is an important practice to do regularly, especially when you are reviewing your life and working to change your energy to bring more abundance and positivity.

Cord cutting is simply the ritual of untying any negative energetic connections you may have with people or situations in your life.

Important to note: when you cut someone’s cords, you are not hurting them or yourself. You are not necessarily removing that person from your life either.

Think of it more as reclaiming your energy and power for yourself which brings a healthy balance to your mind.

It is a symbolic act that you can do intuitively, by focusing on removing any attachments you have that drag you down. Here’s a quick guide to cutting the cord:

Prepare your space by clearing the energy with palo santo, sage or incense, and take a few moments to be quiet and grounded.

Close your eyes and Visualize the person you want to cut your power cord. Imagine yourself cutting the cord with a symbolic tool of your choice, it could be your hand, it could be a stick, or a silver sword – whatever feels right to you.

Then imagine that draining connection between you disappearing as you cut the cord.

Imagine your power and energy being drawn back to you from the negative situation, and feel yourself again glowing with your positive energy.

Send a blessing of gratitude to that person and your relationship and release them for the highest good of all.

Take an Energy shower

This works well if you can actually do it outside in nature, sitting on the grass, or near a water source.

Close your eyes and imagine a great ray of sunlight pouring from your Crown Chakra and passing through your body like pure gold.

Visualize this light that destroys all stagnant energy and negativity and cleanses you of anxiety, fear and stress.

Allow yourself to be filled with the powerful energy of the Source itself, and feel refreshed, renewed and positive.

Do this as many times as you need! Making this a daily morning practice is a powerful way to start your day.

The spiritual spring cleaning will help you tap into the energy you want to experience for the coming months.

It helps to open your heart and raise your vibration to a higher and happier frequency.

Happy Manifestation!