Brace Yourself! It’s The Final Mercury Retrograde Of 2020

The last Mercury retrograde of the year is almost here!

I know, I know, some of you may be feeling nervous about what’s to come because retrogrades, specifically when it’s Mercury, have a nasty reputation.

Here’s the thing—if you’re still feeling good at this point, you’re doing good. As you know, retrogrades happen in phases, and it entered its first shadow phase, which has an effect on us all already on September 23rd and will last until October 13th.

You’re probably feeling a bit dramatic this time, and with so many things happening all over the world, it might be a bit too much. Brace yourself because the planet is preparing to start its return journey.

October 13th will be the retrograde phase that lasts until November 3rd. This is when you can experience a lot of communication breakdowns and travel delays (fortunately for most of us, this is not a problem).

Well, the terrible curse of this period is back—that the exes are returning! This is not a guarantee, but there is a greater possibility that you may receive a text from an ex, or YOU may be the one to do so. If not, you just have the urge to look back at the memories you once had with them.

Hopefully that’s all you have to do, because the reconciliation that takes place during this time is bound for disaster, especially after the retrograde phase has ended. You have been warned.

This month, Mercury is stationing retrograde in Scorpio.

We all know that Scorpios are all about loyalty and secrets, so try not to talk behind people’s backs. or else, you might just get in trouble.

Water signs tend to be emotional and obsessive, which can explain some bouts of emotional outbursts during this period. This particular sign is also the one that is most eager to look back at the past instead of thinking about the future.

Don’t worry, by October 27th, the planet will move further back into Libra—and it’s all about peace, compromise, and building bridges. Thus, this could be a great time to make amends to people in the past—perhaps forgive and forget? For those who are in a stable relationship, use this period to resolve any issues between you.

It’s not that bad!

There is always a fair amount of hype surrounding Mercury retrograde. Sure, communication and travel disruptions, as well as misunderstandings tend to happen more at this time, but trust me, it’s not THAT bad.

Consider this period as a time of truth, even when communication seems bad. Use this period to address misunderstandings and correct the course of events, instead of sweeping them under the rug.

It’s the perfect time to do it, consider that October is when you should reap what you sow and start a new beginning. Whatever this Mercury retrograde brings you, always look on the bright side by seeing the truth it is revealing to you. This truth is a blessing.

Mercury retrograde is a gift from the universe that gives you a chance to reflect, take stock, and correct mistakes you’ve made before in the rush of everyday life.