Finding A Way To Create A New Abundance Story

Are you feeling stuck with your manifestation?

Do you feel that no matter what, the abundance you desire never seems to arrive?

One of the most important factors you need to focus on in creating your dream life is the BELIEF that you can have your desires.

You have to believe.

You have to believe that you can have what you want.

I cannot stress this enough.

Your belief is the foundation of everything you are capable of creating in your life.

If you believe that rich people are inherently evil, you will never achieve the financial goals you desire for yourself.

It is normal for many people — the majority really, to view rich people with suspicion.

Many people think, maybe those rich people did something unethical to get where they are today, or maybe they got there by being deceitful or deceitful.

The truth is that the size of your bank account has nothing to do with whether or not you are a good person.

There are ‘bad’ people who are rich and ‘bad’ people who are poor. There are ‘good’ people who are rich and ‘good’ people who are poor.

People who are living financially abundant lives have simply tapped into the flow of wealth that exists in the Universe and extends to all of us.

The difference is that they BELIEVE that they deserve it and have removed the blocks that were in their way of receiving it.

Of course, money and being rich does not necessarily bring happiness, as we all know.

So maybe it’s time to redefine exactly what abundance means to you.

Of course it can mean a certain amount in your bank account, but it can also mean happiness, time, freedom, love and joy.

What good are tons of money if you are miserable?

The Law of Attraction works by bringing you the true match with your own energetic frequency.

You can start changing your abundance story today.

Get clear on exactly what abundance looks like for you. Write it down.

  • Is it reaching 6 or 7 figures in your business?
  • Is it waking up when you want and choosing how to spend your day?
  • Are you able to take a month off and disappear to a tropical beach?
  • Maybe you’re buying your family everything they want, or donating regularly to a cause that serves the world in a positive way.

One of the best ways I’ve found to clarify the things I want is through regular journaling.

By using the power of words to write down your desires and visions, you can literally create a new abundance story every morning, every day shaping it to be the exact reflection of what you want.

Journal and Visualization

Try writing in your journal every morning for anything from ten minutes until you feel like you need to get everything out of your head and down on paper.

Always write in the first person I and in the present – this is so that you connect with the words and bring the feeling of having them in your body in a way that raises your vibration!

You want to get lost in your dreams, feel that future reality as if it is already here.

Use the following prompts to get started:

  • What is your heart’s desire?
  • How can you see this as a reality in your life?
  • Why do you want your vision? What is it about your vision that turns you on?

Focusing on why you want what you want will help strengthen your connection with it as well as boost its power.

  • If the future version of you could talk to you now, what would they say about living this dream life?
  • What things do you already have that are on track for this life?
  • What sprouts of your manifestations can you be grateful for today?
  • How can you do something every day to contribute to the creation of your dream?
  • Can you find practical steps forward that feel empowering and uplifting?

Think about how you can take action yourself, it will make you feel inspired and motivated and keep you believing that you deserve everything you dream of.

I hope you find these ideas helpful.

Writing things down is often the best way to figure out exactly WHAT you WANT and WHY you want it!

Words are powerful.

They can help you go deep into your greatest fears, and your greatest desires.

They can help you clarify whether or not your present is like the future you’re hoping to create, and if not, how to reverse course to be more aligned with your desires.

Start creating YOUR abundance story today. Make it your own.

Stop thinking about what other people think, or what your family wanted for you, or your spouse, or your best friend, or the girl down the street.

Just be quiet, tap the quiet inside and DO NOT HOLD BACK!

“Someone will tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” — John Keating