Finding Balance with the Energies of the Equinox and Libra Season

Welcome to the season of balance!

September 22 marked the Equinox and ushered in the beginning of Libra season. — which is also the midpoint during the astrological year.

The Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere is the beginning of autumn, and in the Southern Hemisphere, it marks the beginning of Spring.

The Equinox is the time when the sun passes the equator moving from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, and the hours of light and darkness are the same.

It marks a change in seasons and indicates a change in energy reflected on Earth.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we will have shorter days and longer nights.

The energy of transformation is in the air; as the trees lose their leaves, the seasons encourage us to look within and slow down.

In the Southern Hemisphere, energy is moving outward as Spring arrives, and things blossom and bloom.

But regardless of where you are on Earth and the seasons in your country, this cosmic equinox energy presents us with a balance between night and day that leads us into the Libra season with a focus on balance, the -partnership, justice and harmony.

As we enter this season, it is the an ideal time to create more balance and harmony in our life and to look at where some imbalances are revealing yourself.

You can harness the traditionally mystical energy of the Equinox to connect deeply with your intuition and inner wisdom, tap into your psychic abilities, and even activate your third eye.

It is said that during this time, the veil between dimensions is very thin at this time and that is why the energy provides the perfect circumstances to use your inner power.

So, how can you use the energy of Mother Earth and the Solar System to balance your energy centers?

How can you ensure that you are flowing with nature, moving in rhythm with the Universe, and creating a beautiful and balanced environment in your life that touches your soul?

I am aware that ‘balance’ can seem like an overused work to solve your problems, from eating a balanced diet to finding the right balance between work and play.

A kind of idealistic state of equilibrium that for many people may seem simply intangible and unrealistic.

How To Create Balance When It Feels Unattainable?

The first step is to DEFINE a BALANCE EDGE for you.

Think about and write down what a balanced life looks like for you.

Balance can mean very different things to all of us.

Personally, balance is created when I am focused on my priorities and feel calm and engaged in mind, body and spirit.

So I will do everything I can every day to make sure I’m focusing my time where I genuinely want to and get rid of any toxic habits or patterns that stop me from directing my energy in a positive way.

If I realize I’m not spending enough time on my priorities, I sit down and figure out exactly how I can change that.

I make sure my priorities are receiving the allocated time and energy I want to give them. Even if this seems impossible!

I’ve learned that unless I check in with myself, it’s all too easy for things to get out of balance very quickly.

For example, it’s fine to miss one regular day of your mediation or a trip to the gym, but when those days add up to a week, and then two or more weeks, you’re suddenly someone who no longer makes those things.

You let the balance slip, and it becomes much more difficult to restore it.

You can use these questions as encouragement to find what balance means to you.

Are you spending your days focused on the things that turn you on?

Are you able to channel your energy towards your passion and purpose?

Do you feel healthy physically, and are you getting the right nutrients?

Do you spend quality time with people who bring you joy?

Do you spend time to just be still and quiet?

Do you regularly spend time outdoors in nature?

If you could design your perfect day, what would it include?

I suggest you give these questions some thought and get clarity on what balance means to you and how you can create more of it in your life.

The next step is to simply realize the benefit of small actions every day that add up to a cumulative and overall change.

You don’t have to completely redo your life overnight, you simply have to add more things that cultivate the balance you desire.

For example, you want to be healthier – just start adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet every day.

You want to spend more time working on your creative projects — just do ten minutes a day (you will find if you do this, you end up creating more and more time for what you love to do).

You want to spend more time with friends or family who make you laugh — organize a set time every week for coffee or a phone date and focus purely on the joy of being with that person.

Just do what you can every day to include something that makes you feel good on a SOUL level.

I promise that the more you do this, the more you will strengthen your confidence and self-love, and realize that the power to live life on your terms is within you!

You don’t need anything outside of yourself to be truly happy.

Balance can be achieved, it’s simply a matter of being committed to the vision you have for yourself.

Take advantage of the planetary energies this season and find that balance in your life.