Flower Medicine: The Healing Vibrations of Flower Essences

Do you have any idea what healing flower essences can be a wonderful accompaniment to your emotional and physical experience?

Have you ever thought of turning to flowers to calm your anxiety or help you on your spiritual journey?

We live on a beautiful planet with an incredible abundance of natural remedies.

Since the beginning of time, humans have recognized that mother Earth holds the key to our survival.

We have relied on plants for food and medicine and owe an enormous amount of our current medical knowledge to the wisdom of ancient folk medicine.

Unfortunately, much of that wisdom has been branded as alternative, as if it were something to be considered an afterthought, rather than a holistic lifestyle choice that will bring you radical health and happiness.

Flowers Bring Positive, Stimulating Energy Into Our Lives.

They are often given as symbols of gratitude, love and peace.

Whether you are aware of it or not, flowers help our healing and happiness.

They make us feel good and show us the beauty of nature.

In certain Shamanic Traditions in South America, flower baths are an integral part of healing.

They are often used before other plant medicine journeys and are thought to clear energy and restore balance and harmony.

I am a big fan of vibrational medicine in flower essences as a healing remedy whenever I am facing certain challenges in my life.

Flower essences were brought into the mainstream as early as the 1920s by bacteriologist, pathologist, and physician Edward Bach.

Dr. Bach was way ahead of the curve, and he knew that flowers had the power to heal the energetic body, which could reduce physical ailments.

Western medicine is now beginning to see the link between emotions and disease.

But of course, spiritual practitioners, alternative medicine experts, and other practitioners have been convinced of that connection for hundreds of years.

Dr. Bach is the reason most people know about flower essences.

He had a deep understanding of the power in supporting the body’s natural energetic rhythms, perceiving illness as an imbalance between the energetic body or higher self, and the physical body.

He knew that we are much more than our physical body.

We are Energy itself, and our bodies are affected by our emotions, thoughts and feelings.

He was inspired to combine his knowledge of homeopathic medicine and the wonderful benefits of flowers, with the impact that emotions can have on a person’s health.

“Health Depends On Being In Harmony With Our Souls” (Dr. Edward Bach 1932)

That involved creating the ‘essence’ of flowers by capturing their vibration in water.

He put the flowers in a bowl of distilled water and left it outside in the sun.

The distinct vibration of the flower is ‘remembered’ by the water molecules, (water has been proven to have a memory and to be affected by positive vibrations)and infused to create a powerful vibrational essence.

Every flower essence is energetic (vibrational) imprint of the life force of the plant.

Dr. Bach knew that these flower essences interact with people’s spiritual, emotional and energetic bodies, and serve to help them by addressing the emotional root of their ailments.

Dr. Bach believes that the right essence can help the patient return to a positive and happy condition both physically and emotionally.

What he was really doing was harnessing the vibrational frequencies beyond the physical plane that work on the energetic body through the meridians.

Those meridians are where we tend to show illness before our actual physical bodies even become aware of it or have symptoms we can understand.

Dr. Bach knew that healing needed to occur on that energetic level before harmony and health could be restored.

Flower essences are an incredible healing tool to add to your life and can be used in a multitude of life situations and to address any type of emotional imbalance.

Dr. Bach created 38 original remedies, each for a specific mental or emotional problem including fear, lack of confidence, insecurity, brain fog, grief, nightmares, lack of focus, depression, and much more.

They can be used to enhance your meditation practice, yoga practice, journaling, and literally any type of creative work, pregnancy, birth, public speaking, relationships, and help you clarify passion and your purpose in this life.

The vibrational essence of each flower acts like a mirror for our emotional and psychological reactions, helping us to understand what inner transformations are necessary to work through challenge and change.

Learning which flower essence is for you can be a vital aid as you navigate any blocks, struggles, or challenges you are having on your journey to manifesting the highest and most abundant life possible.

I recommend that you include their wonderful healing properties in your life as a vibrational being in this beautiful and divine Universe.