Gemini New Moon, June 2023: Communication, Harmony and Desire. 

Arriving on June 17-18, 2023, the Gemini New Moon marks the beginning of a new Moon cycle.

The New Moon is always our chance to start anew, an empty point during the month where we can take a breath, and think about what intentions we want to set for the coming weeks.

Often, in the days leading up to a New Moon, you may find yourself being shown the areas of your life where things are no longer working very well,

or maybe you feel excited about a new project and are filled with motivation to keep going.

Think of the New Moon as a powerful time to transmit your highest vibrational energies to the Universe, calling all that you desire back to you.

Gemini is an air sign associated with quick thinking, communication, curiosity, adaptability and intellect.

Those qualities mean that this Moon cycle is a great time to reflect on your communication style and social skills.

Connection and expression are the essence of good communication.

If you want to nurture your closest relationships, all this Gemini energy will help you strengthen those bonds.

Ask yourself how active a listener you are.

Do you tend to jump into conversations and interrupt people too much?

Do you make an effort to communicate in a friendly and diplomatic way?

Are your conversations authentic, heartfelt, and compassionate?

How about your own expression?

Do you feel able to say what you mean when issues are important to you? Are you speaking for what you feel is true?

This Gemini New Moon creates a favorable atmosphere to make some adjustments or changes in the way you conduct yourself in all kinds of communication.

Be more aware of your words, because they have the power to shape your relationships and your world.

Mental stimulation and intellectual pursuits are also part of these New Moon themes.

You may find yourself drawn to learn something new and feel inspired to read different books, start a course in something that sparks your imagination and quenches your thirst for knowledge, or simply feel more alive and mentally engaged.

Use this time wisely and follow your intuition and whatever it guides you to.

Gemini energies are perfect for diving into personal growth and mindset work, feeling motivated and able to take in new information and use it to your advantage.

Books, conversations, podcasts, and all these methods of learning and exploring new ideas will be part of your mental expansion during this time.

Embrace everything that comes your way and see it as guidance from the Universe to stay open and eager to learn.

Gemini is also a mutable sign that shows us the power of flexibility and ease.

Remind yourself that while spiritual and emotional growth can be painful, the ability to move through challenges with grace is essential.

Embrace versatility and don’t be afraid to let go of old and outdated beliefs as you move forward into new territory in your life.

The New Moon always has fresh energy for you to tap into and take advantage of, if you are willing.

This particular New Moon in Gemini presents a chance to incorporate the energies of the celestial twin sign into our own lives.

The twins symbolize a union of opposites – the duality present in all our lives.

They represent the need to find a balance between the mind and the soul – the ego and the higher consciousness.

We all need to find a balance between those two sides of ourselves to live in harmony in this life experience.

Remember to seek that harmony – integrating mind and heart, logic and intuition.

Find ways to honor both sides of you by engaging in activities that nurture your mind and soul and bring balance to the messages you both share.

If you are stimulating your mind with new books and ideas, remember to nurture yourself with calming rituals that soothe your spirit, such as mindful meditation, free writing, painting, or taking a relaxing bath.

Of course, the biggest part of any New Moon is always intention setting.

Align your frequency with the energy of the New Moon and create clear and heartfelt intentions that speak to your greatest desires.

Remember to always set your intentions in the present and visualize yourself already living and embodying those dreams. The power of manifestation lies in your strong belief that anything is possible for you.

This Gemini New Moon brings so much opportunity for fruitful new beginnings if you are willing to embrace the belief that the Universe fully supports your evolution and is here to reflect back to you all that you dream of.

Trust that the seeds you plant now will soon blossom and bear fruit.

May you experience transformative growth and abundance as you harness the energy of the New Moon in Gemini.