Get An Empowering New Abundant Reality in 24 hours

I bet some of you are feeling a little exhausted with the Law of Attraction.

Maybe you’re feeling like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t eradicate the tension you have around the subject of money.

That’s not surprising by the way!

Money and finance is a very topical issue for many people in the world for obvious reasons.

Money plays a big part in our lives, and most of us reach adulthood with all kinds of negative experiences with money.

Maybe you are tired of the anxiety that always arises when you think about your salary, paying bills or the debt you wish you didn’t have.

You might feel nervous or stressed when you think about the things you would like to do if only you had the money!

It can be very easy to go around in circles when it comes to the subject of financial abundance.

Let’s say you see something you want to buy, or you dream of taking a big trip or buying a new house. Depending on how much inner work you are doing, the thoughts of pleasure and happy emotions that arise when you think about your desires can quickly turn to frustration and anger when you remember that you don’t have them yet because you don’t have the money for them!

I understood. Sometimes the effort required to release your anxiety and tension around these issues is simply too much.

You can wallow in negativity and fear.

When this happens, as it does to all of us, the best thing to do is STOP and GIVE UP.

Let the subject go. You cannot force yourself into a higher vibration with your own efforts and thoughts.

Leave the need to do something.
Focus on describing things.

Stop feeling bad because you don’t have what you want yet.

Instead, shift your focus and vibration only to you and your potential.

Take money out of the equation.

Decide to create a different, empowering reality.

Build Your Own Reality In 24 Hours

Make a list of beliefs you have about yourself.

Get A New Abundant Empowering Reality in 24 hours

On one side of the paper, list the things that empower you and fill you with excitement when you read them. These are the things that move you forward in a positive way and give you courage, confidence, and motivation.

One the other side of the paper, list the beliefs you have that seem to be holding you back from your goals. The things that bring you down or demotivate you.

Make the decision to focus only on the belief that will encourage and empower you for the next 24 hours.

If you find yourself starting to doubt it, remind yourself that it’s for 24 hours.

When you work to improve your attention in this way, you are improving yourself, you are increasing and strengthening the vitality and energy of your mind.

Think of the people you admire in life. Make another list of those you respect and appreciate.

Why do you respect and admire these people? Do you think it could be because they are full of positive energy to realize their potential? Do these people live their dreams for the most part?

How can you be more like them? What kinds of things do they do to live up to their potential?

Do they follow a certain workflow or routine? Do they speak or express themselves in a certain way? What can you notice about their success?

For the next 24 hours, you have a choice.

Will you continue to examine your untapped potential and let it get you down, or will you push yourself a little and go after your dreams?

Your decisions lead to your destiny.

Sometimes, when you are waiting for something magical and miraculous to happen, if you are not aligned with a magic vibration, all you feel is wrong. That’s when you know it’s time to create a bit of custom magic.

There is a difference between pushing and forcing an outcome and taking charge of your life in a positive and inspired way.

A little motivation and fire are keys to your success. The more pride you feel about your efforts, the easier it will be for you to believe in your financial abundance.

It’s about confidence and courage.
It’s about pushing yourself a little to become a better version of you.

Remember, this is only for 24 hours! You may go back to your old ways tomorrow.

But my guess is, you probably don’t want to.

You probably have a taste for positive thinking and focus on those beliefs of yours that make you feel good.

You may realize that changing your routine or doing something radically different to normal was fun and revitalized your mind, body and soul.

There are always other ways of thinking and seeing. There are always new ways to live and be and experience life.

When things get stagnant, try this empowering reality again and again. The 24 hour rule keeps it manageable, it means you give yourself permission to try because it’s only for one day.