Happy Spring Equinox: Cultivate Balance and New Beginnings

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, on March 20/21, 2022 we welcome the fresh energies of Ostara, the Spring Equinox, and the first day of Spring!

In the Southern Hemisphere, of course, this time of year marks the first day of Autumn.

The Equinox is what happens when the sun crosses the celestial equator, making day and night the same length – hence the word equinox which means equal night in Latin.

This balance between light and dark, feminine and masculine, yin and yang, day and night gives us its energy and means an important moment for us to honor the balance in our own lives, before we take a giant leap forward in Spring and the increase in daylight.

Think of the March Equinox as a great moment to pause.

Breath in between breaths.

A moment of reflection before we enter the energy of a new beginning that feels refreshed, renewed, and recharged.

In ancient cultures more connected to the seasons and changes of the Earth, the energies of the Equinox were celebrated as a magical time.

Harmony bathed the planet and all humans could enter into an embodiment of that equal balance between light and darkness.

The day of the Equinox was seen as a moment in time where the veil between the worlds was thin and the realms of the earth and the higher names could easily cross.

Time to connect with our ancestors and listen to their wisdom, perhaps feel the support and love of our guides, and follow the signs of the Universe.

We can use that energy today too, in 2022!

Another great aspect of this current Equinox is that there are a total of zero retrograde planets right now!

This means that the cosmic energy around us is all about moving forward, taking confident and purposeful steps towards your destiny, and making excellent progress.

All this planetary energy means that the Spring Equinox is a very powerful time for balance, new beginnings, renewed energy, and clarity.

Returning to the light is like a chance to wipe the slate clean and start over.

Let go and release all fears, negative patterns and anxieties, and step into a powerful new energy of creation and manifestation.

How can you harness and channel all that energy into your daily life?

Read on for my top tips for a Balanced Spring Equinox ready for a fresh start!

Remove your home:

Perfect time to clear your home of old energy by removing old possessions and doing a thorough clean.

Bring Spring into your space with flowers, herbs, essential oils and bowls of fresh fruit.

When you tell the Universe that you are ready to let go of the old you make room for it to bless you with new gifts.

The Universe always rewards action!

Change your Morning Routine:

Get out of the old and into the new with practical changes.

Set your alarm ten minutes earlier to meditate. Make a fresh juice and do ten sun salutations.

Write down some thoughts in your dream journal or diary – just making even the smallest change to your normal routine will bring positive energy to your day.

You are showing the Universe that you are not afraid to change your perspective and do something good for yourself!

Bring Balance to Your Life:

Pick your top priority for each day and make sure you schedule in time to move forward somehow, even if you only have five minutes to spare in your busy schedule.

When you do this you are showing the Universe what you value and what is important to you.

Don’t compromise your dreams, even when your plate is full.

The universe will see this and reward you for your commitments!

Get Out in Nature:

Show Mother Earth how much you appreciate and cherish her beauty by spending time outside.

Celebrate the renewal you see in the world around you and align yourself with it by simply bathing yourself in its presence.

Stand barefoot on the ground, plant herbs and flowers, observe the birds and butterflies of Spring.

Be near natural sources of water, or around trees.

Whatever you have in your vicinity, take advantage of it to soothe your soul and raise your vibration.

Focus Your Mind on Your Dreams:

Train your mind to be disciplined and make sure your energy is properly focused on your dreams.

The universal energies are all about tapping into your innate creativity right now, so use that drive to really narrow your focus to your passions.

Don’t let sabotaging thoughts or negative trends overtake your mind.

Work to bring your attention back to positive, exciting and inspiring thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Remember your dreams every day and don’t let anything or anyone dissuade you from believing they can come true.

The March Equinox it’s all about entering a new sense of self, balanced, renewed and refreshed.

If you follow my advice above or incorporate your own ways of bringing fresh energy and balance into your life, you will raise your energetic frequency and point of attraction to align with all that you wish to manifest.

Finally – if you want a special way to celebrate the March Equinox with your own spiritual ritual, you can do the following:

He lit two Candles (to represent the balance of day and night) and repeat the Assertion/mantra below:

“I am balanced. I am whole. I radiate peace.”

“I radiate wisdom, beauty, and love. I listen to my intuition and the wisdom of the universe.”

“I honor the Earth and the Sun and the Moon and I am present in my life to receive the blessings of this human experience.”

Happy Spring Equinox!