How to Change your Life in One Day

“You always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

— Glinda, the good witch, The Wizard of Oz

I believe what Glinda said to Dorothy applies to all of us. We have the power to get where we want to go, all we have to do is look within. We already have what it takes to make a big change in our lives.

Think of me as your own personal Glinda, telling you that you have the power!

The power to turn your life around in seconds.

The power to make immediate changes to your experience.

While it’s true that external shifts like really big life changes may not happen in a day, internal shifts can happen in moments.

Whether you realize it or not, you have complete control over your inner world.

It is in your power at any moment of every day, to make enormous transformations in the way you see things and to change the course of your life.

Of course, we cannot control the big things that happen outside of our lives.

But we can control how we react to them, and how we control our inner life.

When you harness the power within to control your inner world, this, in turn, drives you to make the necessary changes for the bigger things in your outer world.

Big changes that require you to release past hurts, heal your shadow side and realize your true potential are part of a larger healing process, but it all starts in your mind and you have the power to do so. the necessary magical changes that can change everything about your life, starting today.

In short – it is entirely possible for you to change your life in just one day.

Not sure how?

Here are some clear steps to take to radically transform your life in no time!

1. Decide to change your mood

Make a decision to let go of anger, frustration, sadness and negativity today.

Just for today, take a break from the regular thought cycles you go through, and firmly decide to adopt a more positive way of thinking. You have to make a concerted effort to do this!

But think about it for a second, do you want to be someone who is angry and frustrated?

Are there two ways to look at whatever you are angry about?

Let it go for today, and choose to change your mood on purpose.

Your statement: I choose to change my thoughts and channel my energy towards happiness and positivity.

2. Find Gratitude Now

Take a few moments to really appreciate everything around you and give thanks for it.

Whether it’s sunlight, your home, your friends and family, your pets, your children — give thanks for the blessings around you.

When you do this you automatically raise your frequency to a higher vibration more aligned with receiving more abundance and happiness.

Your statement: Thank you for all the beauty in my life.

3. Give yourself permission to enjoy life

I know life can be a hard slog. It could be that you barely have time for yourself, you are working all hours of the day or you feel depressed because you are unemployed or longing for a relationship.

Whatever your personal circumstances, giving yourself permission to enjoy life can only make things feel better.

Today find just one reason to be cheerful and children.

Do something that reminds you why it is good to be alive on Earth. Do something for yourself that will enhance your day for the pure pleasure of a positive feeling or emotion.

Think of something that brings you happiness and do it, for fun and excitement and positive emotion.

Your statement: I allow myself to have joyful experiences no matter what.

4. Do something new

Now is the day to pursue whatever new thing you’ve been dying to do lately but never made time for.

Learn a few words of a new language, read a new book, try a new recipe, call someone you don’t know very well to form new friendships.

When you step outside of your comfort zone and push yourself to do something new, it changes the energy in your life.

You give a message to the Universe that you are ready for new experiences and create the right atmosphere for a big change to happen.

Your statement: I allow myself to do something new and open myself to more.

5. Really Honor Yourself

Treat your mind and body as the sacred vessels that they are.

If you usually feel lethargic, do something today to boost your energy.

Move your body in a different way with a dance or yoga class. Drink an extra glass of water, do something nutritious and go to bed earlier. Take time to meditate.

Just find ways to shake up your routine and thank your body for showing up for you.

Your statement: I appreciate what my body does for me and I choose to treat it with respect.

6. Leave Space For Your Dreams

Are you making time for your dreams and passions? Do you want to make your goals come true?

Today you must include time dedicated to what you love.

Make the decision to prioritize the things you actually enjoy making it more your dreams. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut or routine, and feel guilty about devoting our time to what we enjoy.

So today you have to set aside time regardless of whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour, make sure you include some time set aside to get lost in the joy of everything you love to do, play music, write, paint, dance, learn something a new thing. Go for it.

Your statement: I recognize the power of what I am passionate about and choose to dedicate time to honoring those dreams.

If you follow these steps, you will make some big changes in life.

When you decide to change things on purpose, you honor who you are and expand and elevate the energy around your life experience.

You give yourself permission to actually choose how you spend your time, how you choose to think, and where you put your energy and attention instead of being a slave to bad habits, negative programming and societal pressures .

No matter where you are in the world and what circumstances you are under, your thoughts are your own.

You have to choose from them. So choose them wisely.

Because your thoughts become the foundation on which you build your life.

You can change your life in one day.

And change it again tomorrow.

Do it for a week, do it for a month.

It’s up to you — in one month you can either look back on a month of incredible soul growth and progress, or a month of excuses and procrastination about why you couldn’t do it…

What do you choose?