How to Prepare for New Beginnings with the First Eclipse of 2023!

Why Should You Care About Astrology?

Using astrology to gain clarity about your life and soul purpose is a sophisticated way to navigate the world.

When you understand cosmic events and how they can affect you, you gain tools to best use energy to your advantage for a better relationship with money and abundance, health, relationships, your work in -world, and everything that defines success by!

We are approaching the first eclipse of 2023, AND the first Aries eclipse on April 19/20.

This Aries New Moon Total Solar Eclipse is actually one of the most important events of the year cosmically!

The sun will be completely eclipsed and the message it brings is about stepping fully into your most authentic life.

Between now and the New Moon Solar Eclipse, there are many ways you can prepare for this powerful and magical event in order to get the most out of the energy.

We can feel the sliding energy frequency of this eclipse up to a month before and after it actually happens – it’s never just about the day, but the days before and after as well.

This will be the first eclipse in Aries since 2015, as well as kicking off a whole new cycle of eclipses that will take place until March 2025.

New Moons tend to be times of new beginnings, enthusiasm, excitement, and inspiration. Eclipses always come in pairs, and the second will arrive on May 5th – a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – so remember that date too.

In fact, it is good to know that all eclipses in a series are united in a theme that unfolds with each one over a period of months.

If you can, reflect on where your life was back in October 2013- September 2015, (the last Aries-Libra Eclipse cycle), as similar themes may arise for you, or you may find yourself evolving from some of the lessons you were taught. during that time period.

A great way to think about any eclipse is as if it were a great new beginning. Kind of like rebooting your computer.

A new moon solar eclipse like this has the strength and power of three new moons at once!

So you can imagine how much power there is behind setting intentions and manifesting during this time.

Eclipses always remove quickly anything that doesn’t work in your life or that detracts from your soul’s growth. But remember, when something ends, something else always begins.

Eclipses are usually dramatic and incite important change.

They want to shake us up, support us, and make us move in a better direction. If you have been feeling complacent, the eclipse will ensure that you are pushed into swift action.

Eclipse is always about moving forward. Whatever changes occur in your life during an eclipse, they are usually about progress.

You cannot go back to an old situation or review energy from the past.

Once you’ve moved on, you have to move on – even if you don’t like the changes you’ve made.

Any future choices you make to evolve must be based on new energy, not old ways of thinking.

Never fear an eclipse, whatever changes it brings are always to encourage us towards a higher state of consciousness.

Eclipses like the one coming up in April usually revolve around new beginnings. This is so exciting because it means you can use the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse to forge a new path in your life.

This is accentuated by the fact that it falls in the fire sign of Aries – connected to new beginnings and moving forward with confidence.

You really have the stars on your side to turn your life in a brand new direction at this time.

If you have been wanting to manifest new people, events and experiences in your life – this is your moment to take full advantage of creative energy!

We are all co-creators with the Universe, and we can work with that fact to set intentions, raise our vibrational frequencies, and initiate the energy to make things happen.

You will feel the motivation within you to design the life you truly long for.

This eclipse gives you added power to put yourself out there with confidence, seek new opportunities, trust in divine timing, and most of all in yourself as you reveal your true authentic self.

Imagine this eclipse like a door that you will pass through and not look back. This door leads to the blessed life you desire, so prepare for it now.

Action Points to take:

  • Get clear about your vision.
  • Activate your passions.
  • Focus on the goals.
  • Don’t let anyone or anything steal your energy or time.
  • Practice visualization every day.
  • I meditated.
  • Nourish yourself – a healthy body equals a healthy mind.
  • Know your worth and stand in your power.
  • Remove self-doubt and self-criticism.
  • Recognize that you deserve to be seen for who you really are.
  • Be open to any changes in the relationship and discoveries.

Exercise to do before the Eclipse:

Write down on a piece of paper (better to do this by hand rather than electronically), all the things you want to leave behind.

There is great power in putting pen to paper with this, so don’t discount it.

Write down everything from throwing away old clothes to deciding to stop spending time with people who don’t value you.

Read this list every morning to remind you of what you are leaving behind.

You do NOT want to carry anything negative with you through the door of this new eclipse into your new life.

As much as possible, visualize yourself living the life you dream of, and above all work to BELIEVE that manifesting life is possible.

Stay tuned for more information on how to set the best intentions with this incredible eclipse soon!