How to Release Old Stories to Create Space for Abundance

The world you experience is the one you are most familiar with.

Vibrationally, you attract what you think and feel; Therefore, your long-held beliefs and thought patterns have contributed to your life experience.

When it comes to manifesting a truly abundant life, you must be willing to look at the choices and observations you have made – whether they are conscious or unconscious – that have contributed to your current reality.

Your experience of the world is a result of everything you have been thinking and feeling.

When you have a burning desire to manifest a different experience, often your past is what gets in the way of letting it in.

Those thoughts and feelings that you have held onto different topics in your life can make you stuck in a repetitive cycle.

A cycle that becomes so ingrained in your psyche that it becomes very difficult to shift.

Do you have a repetitive story you keep telling yourself about your life? Is something wrong?

Do you wake up every day hitting the snooze button, feeling unmotivated and frustrated that another day has come and you still don’t feel that excitement you want to feel?

You have something you want to give to the world, but you can’t make it happen.

Life keeps getting in the way.

You’re stuck in the story of ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I can’t do it’. Or maybe ‘I don’t have the talent/means/time to do what I really want.’ Complete your version of this.

We get tired of ourselves repeating the same story and the same complaints day after day.

It can be exhausting just going through the motions of life.

Think for a moment about how long your story has been with you.

Feeling stuck in a routine? Feel like you just can’t make the necessary changes?

Has your story changed over time, or have you always felt that way?

It can be so hard to clear up these old stories we tell ourselves.

We have so many thoughts and feelings that have built up around us that they begin to obscure our connection with the divine.

They start to become everything we see, and we lose touch with the truth that we are limitless beings in this Universe, capable of manifesting everything we want.

You can release and surrender your stories, repetitive cycles, or negative habits, but to do that you need to identify exactly what they are and then change them.

You have to take the first step from your old stories and be ready to make new decisions and take new actions.

You are just a decision away from everything you want.

Follow these steps:

1. Decide on the main story that keeps you from living an abundant life.

Write it down and get very clear about all the details of that story. You can do this as often as you like and apply it to different cycles where you find yourself stuck.

Example, my story is that I procrastinate too much and I’m not talented or educated enough to really follow my passion and make money doing it. Who would want to pay me for my work?

There are many better people than me, I started too late etc.

2. Now you will honor your history.

Understand why it happened and feel some painful emotions that may arise around this story of yours.

Give yourself time to mourn this story because now you will let it go forever!

3. Be still and take long, deep breaths.

Bring yourself to a place of deep peace. You feel a strong sense of yourself here and now.

4. Now write a new story, a story that tells the opposite of the old one, be sure to write it in the present tense. You can also write an affirmation or mantra such as:

I no longer need this old story in my life, it’s time to let it go and release any attachments I have to it. It doesn’t define me anymore. It’s not in line with who I am now.

If this story, thoughts, and feelings around it begin to rise within me, I will remember to shift my focus to my new story.

I remember that these are old stories that only hold me back from my true self and authentic soul energy.

Try to define some priorities or key actions that are in line with your new story.

Anything you can change will help you make this big energy shift to clear space for everything you desire.

In order to release, you must first accept your old story, be open to changing it, and then redirect your energy and attention to a new story.

It takes time to work, but after following this exercise, you will notice significant changes over the next few weeks.

You will not keep regurgitating the same old story.

You have released the past and are ready to welcome into a new abundant reality.