How To Use The Power Of Words To Manifest

Words are a very powerful and transformative part of your manifesting practice.

If you have been having problems with your manifestations it may be that you are not paying enough attention to the words you use.

The words we choose to speak are very powerful in their impact on our life experience, both positively and negatively.

You have probably heard of the famous quote from Gandhi;

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, habits become your values, values yours become your destiny.”

Let’s emphasize the part that says “Your words become your actions” – think about it. Your actions shape your entire life.

If you want to make big, big changes in life and manifest your wildest dreams, you can start by taking a good look at where you might need to create new patterns in your language.

Here are some ways you can tap into the transformative power of words:

1. Replace Words That Suggest Lack And Doubt For Words That Give Power.

Saying positive things to yourself, using empowering words when you talk about what you do can change your reality to reflect this.

To speak of ‘wanting’ something implies a state of lack. Even if you don’t mean it to sound like that.

When you put an emphasis on wanting, it suggests that what you desire will not actually come true – as if failure is built into the desire from the very beginning.

Try using the word ‘plan’ instead of ‘want’ instead. When you ‘want to buy a condo on the beach’ the energy still resonates with doubt and the possibility of failure.

When you “plan to buy a beach condo” all the energy takes more positive, certainty. As if your achievements are inevitable.

Can you feel the difference in power between saying I want to buy a condo on the beach versus I plan to buy a condo on the beach?

The sentence that uses the word must simply emphasize the beach condo that you do not have.

The sentence that uses the word plan directs the energy and focus towards the suggestion that you absolutely buy one.

2. Stop repeating the unwanted reality with your words.

Do you feel that you are too busy, too tired, too poor, too strapped for time, etc.?

You may feel that you are telling the truth, but the fact is that acknowledging a negative reality of your situation simply strengthens it.

You send a message to your subconscious saying that you don’t believe you can have what you really want.

Telling yourself and your subconscious that it’s just the way things are will keep things the same!

Try replacing the words you usually use with some more positive and empowering words instead.

Instead of saying ‘I’m so busy at the moment’ say, ‘I’m in a very productive phase’.

Instead of saying ‘I never have time’ try saying, ‘my life is always expansive.’

You may feel that you are not telling the truth of how you actually feel, but the power of words is such that once you start changing your statements, reality will soon follow to reflect them!

If you are constantly repeating that you are tired and you don’t have enough time, you unconsciously work to prove those statements right.

Well, the opposite is also true. It all starts with the words you use!

3. Rewire Your Mind With Visualizations Using Words.

Choose 3 – 4 categories that you want to focus on in your life. These can be health and well-being, career and money, love and relationships.

For each section, write a few sentences about the kind of life you would like to live, as if it were happening right now in the present.

For example, If you are writing about tripling your income, you might say:

‘I’m so excited to wake up every morning knowing I’m making $500,000 a year and have a steady stream of happy clients.’

Be very careful not to say things like ‘I’m not worried about money’ or ‘I’m not broke anymore.’ Those types of words still emphasize your focus on failure and struggle.

What this exercise does is it helps to wire your mind to believe that all the great things are already happening in your life right now.

The power behind your belief in these statements being present and true is enormous. That belief will work to align all these things in your life!

4. Choose 3 words that you want to feel every morning.

Another important part of manifesting is to focus on the feeling you want to get, once you have your wish come true.

Your goal may be to make a lot of money, but really what you want is the feeling of freedom, stability, security, and abundance.

If you focus on the feeling, you increase your power to magnetize his desire to you.

A great exercise is to choose 3 words that you want to feel every day, and make an effort to do things that create those feelings for you in your life.

Let’s say you choose the words Self-worth, Abundant, and Free.

If you want to feel self-worth, make sure you include things in your day that boost your sense of self.

If you want to feel abundant, focus on all the things you already have in your life that make you feel abundant.

If you want to feel free, design your days to create that sense of expansive freedom. It can be as simple as making sure you wake up to see the sunrise.

It’s so easy to do, once you make it a habit and start prioritizing how you feel.

Words are so powerful, they really can change your life and change your external circumstances.

If you need to generate better results in your life, try the exercises above and let us know how it goes in the comments.