How to Work with August’s New Moon Energy

August has come to an end which also means the beginning of a new lunar cycle with a New Moon in Virgo on August 27, 2022.

49+ Manifestation Quotes

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49+ Manifestation Quotes

Do you remember what a new lunar cycle means?

It is a time of new beginnings. Of cleaning the slate. Of planting seeds of intention to manifest.

Time to consider what is holding us back, and to pursue only those things that bring us closer to a feeling of alignment, peace and happiness.

The New Moon in Virgo has its own special symbolism for us to translate and utilize in our lives.

Virgo is an earth sign, which means there is a grounded energy at this New Moon.

Virgo is also represented by the Virgin Goddess, a symbol of purity, divinity and wholeness.

She is independent, and wise, and her body is a temple. Virgo is the sign that rules health.

Virgo energy brings inspiration to help us with our plans for the future, and to keep us embodying our best selves.

It’s about adapting to change with grounded, calm energy.

It is not a time to overcomplicate things, on the contrary.

It’s about knowing that when we are at our best, grounded, calm, and capable we can navigate anything chaotic that may come our way.

Three words to describe this Virgo New Moon would be –

Healing, Simplifying, Grounding.

In what ways can you ensure that your actions around the time of the New Moon resonate with those three words?

Do you need to become more centered and grounded?

Perhaps you have neglected to take care of your body and prioritize your health holistically on all levels.

Virgo energy reminds us to listen to our bodies and pay attention to the messages we receive.

Can you give yourself permission to relax a little and come back to simple moments that restore and rejuvenate you?

Here are some ideas you can implement to work with this New Moon energy.

Do a Grounding Meditation

It’s a good time of year to make sure you feel calm and grounded.

Do your favorite guided meditation, or simply go outside, stand barefoot (or lie down) on the floor and breathe slowly in and out as you relax and feel yourself connecting with the flow and the rhythm of the planet.

Start some Fitness Goals

It’s an ideal time to start that exercise class you’ve been thinking about!

Maybe you’ve let summer get away from you and haven’t committed to your morning yoga, or cycle or your daily run.

Take advantage of the energy to get back on track and include regular exercise and movement in your life.

Clear Your Mind of Negative Self Talk

Take time every day to just be quiet and listen to your breath.

Try to listen to your self-talk, is it predominantly negative? Start replacing those detrimental phrases with positive affirmations instead.

Do a short cleaning

Virgo has a very purifying energy and you may feel called to give your body some rejuvenation.

Whether you follow a professionally planned cleanse or juice, or simply increase your intake of water, fruits and vegetables – take steps to consciously consume cleansing, purifying and healing foods.

Ditch the fries for now and choose raw, high-vibration foods to help strengthen your inner and outer health.

Make an action plan

Virgo likes to go down to the details carefully, and now makes the perfect time to decide on a plan of action for your goals and desires.

It can be a great moment to visualize yourself getting what you want and plan an adaptable and functional roadmap to make it happen.

Make sure you are open minded to the Universe serving a different path to the one you expect and surrender to the highest result for the good of all in everything you do.

Make time for quiet and simple things

It seems silly to have to remember to do quiet and simple things but honestly, in our constantly busy world, we need reminding!

How often do you spend an hour sitting and reading a book in the sun with a cup of tea or coffee?

How often do you simply cook, walk, or organize your bookshelf without distraction?

You’ll be surprised at the wonderful effect that simply slowing down and just being focused in the moment on what you’re doing can have on your mental health.

Finally, don’t forget to harness this motivating momentum of the new moon to set a new intention!

This New Moon, why not set an intention for something you’ve always wanted to have or do but felt too afraid to go after?

The energy is perfect for pushing past outdated fears and obstacles.

Now is the time to gather all that peaceful, grounded energy and turn it into powerful fuel to go after your dreams.

Try repeating this affirmation of the New Moon in Virgo, especially for all of you!

I have the power to heal myself.