How to Work With the Energy of Libra Season to Thrive as Your Best Self

Summer officially ended and after the Autumnal Equinox between September 22nd and 23rd, Libra season began.

It’s also the midpoint of the astrological year, symbolizing the perfect time to check in on our lives and assess the direction we’re headed in as the final months of 2022 loom before us.

The energy of autumn is the ideal time for planting seeds of intention and reaping the results of our efforts from earlier in the year.

This Libra season stands out as quite an intense time due to six major planets retrograde as we enter October 2022 – Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

All this retrograde energy means we should definitely take time to rest, relax, reflect and recharge with the graceful calm and balanced vibes of Libra.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and is also a cardinal air sign.

Native Librans are generally balanced and peace-loving people who prioritize their relationships and appreciate the aesthetically beautiful things in life.

Themes of relationships and partnerships will take center stage during this season, and you may feel the urge to slow down and cultivate quality time with those you love, appreciating the beauty of every moment.

Work and career may also be in the spotlight as your professional life may take a surprising turn. Maybe you are looking for a new job or forming new partnerships.

Libra is a very social sign, so any dealings with other people will be at the fore.

Libra is also represented by the scales, which means that balance is always important during this season.

This will be essential to remember as we head into October.

How to work with Energy

Connect With Others

Spend time with your favorite people, plan dinner parties or share in fun Fall activities like hiking, baking, or visiting a pumpkin patch.

Libra energy encourages us to bring out our harmonious side, be the peacemaker and bring unity and love to our every interaction.

Health and Movement

Since Libra is all about balance, this is the perfect time to assess your overall diet and nutrition.

Consider cutting out all junk food this season and adding more fresh, whole foods instead.

A small detox always works wonders to clear the mind and prepare you on all levels for new ideas and creative projects.

Also, try to get outside in the early hours of sunlight and walk or move your body in some way to get the energy flowing.

It’s an amazing way to start the day and will make you feel grounded, connected to yourself as well as happier and clearer minded.

Remember – the beauty of long-term health is made up of individual choices we make every day.

Work-Life Balance

Living a good work-life balance is even more imperative during Libra season.

What can you do to bring some of the grace and harmony of Libra to your productivity and organization?

How can you reorganize your schedule to find balance and peace even during your busiest moments?

No matter how big your to-do list is, always prioritize your health.

Make time for rest and don’t burn the candle at both ends this season.

Personal care practices

Include balancing, calming yoga poses in your routine such as Tree Pose, Dancer Pose, and Warrior Three.

Libra rules over the lower back region of our body, a particularly sensitive area for those of us who spend a lot of time sedentary.

You can try stretching your lower back and strengthening those muscles with Child’s Pose, Baby Happy, and Supine Twists.

Reorganize Your Home

Invite change into your life by throwing away the old and reorganizing your home.

Literally simply removing some unwanted items from your closet or storage can invite new energy and change into your experience.

This also works well with the vibes of reflection and the start of a brand new season.

If you can remember only one thing about Libra season let it be this – Allow yourself to incorporate balance, harmony, beauty, and justice in all aspects of your life, communication with others and even the way you you talk to yourself.

Just do what you can to appreciate and bask in every magical moment of life.

Look for balance and tranquility and see if you can find a way to make everything in your life a little more beautiful.

Try Repeating this Assertion for the Season of Libra

I am aligned with my highest self, and I achieve all my goals with balance and ease.