In Finding Gratitude Amid the Global Chaos

Whoa, 2020 has been a ride so far, hasn’t it?

We have all been affected by the global pandemic whether we live in a big city, a small village or in the middle of the jungle. The events of the first half of the year have been disruptive, disturbing, and chaotic to say the least and we all remain tense, waiting for the next plot twist or unexpected turn of events.

I want to take a moment to emphasize the importance of remembering gratitude in the midst of all the chaos. While people argue about the need for masks and social distancing, large protests against racism continue to take place globally. Political agendas are challenged and reshaped, amidst all the critical debate going on through the media, social media, and within our own community circles, it is still very important for mental health, your emotional and physical to take a step back and find some perspective and calm.

Finding things to be grateful for can help you do this.

Gratitude is important whether we are going through good times or bad.

The problem is that gratitude can seem elusive when times are hard, for obvious reasons.

I believe that gratitude is a choice. You must choose gratitude, and keep choosing it in every moment of your day. You have to make gratitude become as natural as breathing. You have to make gratitude a part of your existence.

Consider this:

What if we are at a moment in time where we get to rewrite not only our personal history but the history of the world?

What if our global community is on the edge of a huge change in terms of how we each live every day?

I believe we are being called to consider the way we act and interact with them, including the Earth and mother nature.

And if that all sounds too strong and intangible for you, let’s think about it on a personal level.

You get to choose how you think. You have to choose to use this time to redirect your thoughts and control your energy. You have the power, as each of us does, to change your perception and strengthen your mental health.

Fear is a great drainer, and we are surrounded by it right now.

There is no denying that serious and life-changing events are taking place. It is about refusing to be led by the negative energy associated with that; You have to be a sovereign person regardless of the opinions, thoughts, judgments of others. Your power, freedom and independence lies in the understanding that you create your own reality.

I will share with you some ways that I experience gratitude in my daily life. Sometimes when I start out very simple, the reasons why I feel grateful just grow and grow and grow until I can’t believe I ever took anything for granted!


In Finding Gratitude Amid Global Chaos

I am grateful for waking up and seeing the sun shining on the walls. I feel happy that the world is still turning and the sun is still rising. Birds still sing and build nests and plants still grow, bloom, and produce fruit and flowers.

The stars still shine in the infinite sky, the rain still falls and the wind still blows. It makes me feel grateful in general for nature and all the little miracles it performs every day.

I can take a walk and feel incredible euphoria with the smell of rain in the air, or the warm wind on my face. If I’m lucky enough to be near the ocean, I stop and stare for a long time at the magnitude of the waves crashing and crashing onto the shore.

Then I begin to feel immense gratitude for things I normally take for granted.


Of course this is different for everyone, but I like to think that we can all find something that is working well for us in a tangible way. I feel grateful for the flexibility in my legs, for my sight, for my hearing, for my ability to taste and touch.

I feel blessed to be able to go for a run, stretch up and down and touch my feet, feel the softness of my skin. I love to bask in every detail of my good health, whatever it is at the moment and express endless gratitude for it. Even if you have something that is holding you back, find what is going well and express gratitude for it.


In Finding Gratitude Amid Global Chaos

My friends and family are my life and I thank the Universe for them every day. Quarantine actually forced me to get in touch with some people I hadn’t talked to in a while!

I am grateful for the chance to reconnect and join cities and countries with a wide variety of friends and loved ones and also with those I do not know but feel connected to through the power of the Internet.

In many ways, the pandemic has brought us closer together and more united than before. Even if your community is small, maybe it’s just a handful of people or your significant other, the importance of connection is vital.

Connection is love and love is the fabric of our existence. When you connect and relate to those who feel this, you contribute to a peaceful world, one that seeks solutions instead of problems.

You can start your gratitude with these simple things and as you get better at feeling grateful in your daily life, you will realize that this is a very personal practice. Sometimes gratitude is simply a great feeling as you enter a particular room, or drink that first coffee in the morning, or smile at someone passing by.

Don’t feel constrained by trying to find something you “should” be grateful for that you can easily define. Try to instinctively feel yourself in gratitude.

So remember, smile and be grateful, even if the world seems to be telling you not to.

Do it anyway.

We need you here whole, happy, and vibrating at your highest frequency.