Law of Attraction – Manifest Anything You Want Like Magic

The Law of Attraction is a universal law that says whatever you want, it already exists as a vibration. This law of attraction is accessible to all of us, but we have to understand and learn how to use it in our lives. The law of attraction means that beyond the literal reality of our daily lives, things are vibrating on a deeper atomic level. The universe in its entirety is organized through vibration and is able to provide you with everything you desire in life! But you have to be offering the right signal, or a frequency that matches it, in order to attract it to you.

So how do you manifest the things you want? How do you match the frequency of your desires so that they flow effortlessly into your experience? The law of attraction is simple, and it works the same for everyone, but it requires a deep understanding of how vibrational frequency works.

You can’t just say, “I want a relationship/money/healthy body and like magic you have what you want just like that! As long as you are focused on the absence of the thing you desire, you cannot attract its presence into your life. If you spend most of your time feeling bad about how poor you are, how sad/lonely or whatever, all you are doing is in vibrational fact, amplifying that current “reality” for yourself. What you need to do is start imagining what it would be like to already have the things you want in your life experience.

Let’s say you want to be a millionaire. Can you imagine what it FEELS like to be a millionaire? The law of attraction works by matching the place it feels to have the things you desire. No matter what is happening right now in your reality, the secret lies in your ability to feel and embody what it is to be a very rich person.

In order to allow in the manifestation, rather than forcing things, we must allow ourselves to match the vibrational frequency of the things we asked for by relaxing, visualizing, enjoying and feeling our way to that “vibrational reality” with -our emotions.

Magic of Manifestation, Law of Attraction

Meditation is an excellent way to ease yourself into the process of attracting your desires. This is because through the act of meditation and quieting your mind, you release the resistant thoughts that keep your desires away from you.

For example, a simple meditation like the following, practiced every morning, can work to draw your desires to you as you practice the vibration of those desires.

Start by finding an intention. Something you wish to change in your life, something you want to be/do or have. Once you have decided on your intention, sit quietly somewhere comfortable, and close your eyes.

  • Imagine a stream of bright, white light coming down from above your head. Let this radiant light fill your mind with positive energy. Feel and feel it clear your mind and shine through you, opening the energy center at the top of your head. Keep your attention on this brilliant energy and imagine its flow expanding to everyone and everything. Send positive energy to the whole world.
  • Try to imagine that the thing you thought of already exists. It’s not something you have to strive for it’s already here. That desire to hold him so close is happening right now, in the present moment. Do not ask about and look for evidence that it is here, just firmly believe that it is. Feel it. Know that people, conditions, circumstances and events have changed to allow it to be here, existing right now.
  • When you feel your desire in this way, visualize it into existence, you are activating the law of attraction. That powerful and universal law at this moment is magnetizing and bringing your desire to you. You are cooperating with accuracy to match the frequency output coming from you, and sending it back into your life. It’s happening right now, in the present moment. It’s not something you have to wait for. This is important; you want to feel her presence inside you.
  • When you are aligned with your desires, you are being, thinking, feeling and knowing – with your whole being – that these desires, goals and ambitions have come true and you are living them.
  • Next, you must release the intention from your mind. Let it go out into the universe. Don’t cling to it or feel stuck in any needy way. You must be willing to release it with the faith and confidence that it is yours.
  • Now, listen to any message that comes to you from within you – your higher self. The messages that come will feel like an impulse or an instinct, something that guides you to action, that helps bring about these desires. Sit quietly and wait for any kind of signal. You may not hear it right away, you may want to go about your day, safe in the knowledge that a message will arrive and you will feel guided to the right path. This can be in the form of a specific person, who can help you, or an article you read, something you hear etc. When you focus on the end result of having your desire, you will be guided to that goal, by the universe through various paths.
  • Take into consideration that the universe always works for your highest good. You may be guided to something even better than your desire, something you may not be able to understand right now. Be open to this inspiration, and know that the universe is always yielding to you, the essence of your desire, according to your vibration. There is such a thing as perfect, divine timing. Sometimes, we may desire something that we need to evolve more as people first before we receive it. In such examples, we always know and appreciate that we were perfectly placed on the right path at the right time. Trusting in divine timing means knowing that the universe has your best interests at heart.

The main indicator of your manifestation being on track, is the way you are feeling. When you consistently and consciously develop an emotional state of joy, of positive expectation and gratitude – you instinctively feel that you are attracting what you want into your life.

Magic of Manifestation, Law of Attraction

Also remember that the law of attraction is a spiritual process; it is not about material gain. Yes, you may want a car, a house, a vacation in the Caribbean, but remember that behind all these desires there is really only a desire for happiness. You think these things will bring you joy; the key is to be happy first. The universe loves happy, grateful and appreciative people!

Take the example of Dana, who was physically sick. She had tried every diet and exercise, and still hated her body and many things about the way she looked. After reading about the law of attraction, Dana began trying to change the way she viewed herself. Instead of criticizing her reflection, she began to see herself in her eyes, as she wanted to be seen. The reinforcement of positive images in her head, leads her to small changes in the way her day was going which had a repercussion effect throughout her life.

Soon, people were commenting on how young she was, how shiny her hair was and how good she looked. The power of positive thinking is indescribable. Visualizing yourself in a different way, using the meditation above, can inspire you to stronger choices that work for you and bring about the manifestation of your desire with the pure power of intention.

The universe is always communicating with you, often in ways you may not understand or know how to interpret. When you have strong desires and are open to receiving them, the universe speaks through a sacred guidance system, helping to encourage you along your path to manifestation.

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