Magnify your Manifestations with the Jupiter Neptune Conjunction in Pisces

Every 13 years the planets Jupiter and Neptune align in our skies.

However, this is the first time in 166 years that they have come together in the sign of Pisces.

This conjunction takes place on April 12th and is one of the most energetic, intense and magical alignments in our cosmic skies.

While energies peak in April, we have been feeling the effects since late March and will continue to do so until early May.

In mythology, Jupiter was the God of the sky, and Neptune the God of the Sea.

Imagine how much wonderful energy is released when these two come together in watery Pisces.

There is potential here for some truly beautiful and miraculous energy – the kind that can produce some of the most incredible manifestations you’ve ever experienced!

Symbolically speaking; Jupiter is the planet of positivity, growth, expansion, luck, recognition and success.

It is linked to travel, freedom, vision and truth.

Neptune is the planet of mysticism and magic. It is linked to romance, dreams and dreams.

It is ethereal and enigmatic. It is connected to movies, poetry, art, music, and beauty.

What does this mean for all of us?

Here’s a little of what to expect when these two planets come together!

Both planets at their highest vibration create an absolutely stunning energy of love and expansion.

Creative Addition:

This conjunction can trigger a great surge of creativity both in your personal life and in the world in general.

Think about huge, revolutionary movements in music, art, photography and film.

Whatever creative project you have going on right now, whether it’s already underway or still in your head — now is the time to act on it!

Let this beautiful and magical energy push you out of your comfort zone creatively.

A different perspective:

The conjunction of these two planets also allows us to see things that were previously hidden in the shadows.

This can push us to see things differently, literally allowing us to change the way we view reality – a perfect foundation for manifesting beyond your wildest dreams.

Neptune in particular pushes us to dream bigger and bigger — to expand our vision beyond what it was.

Spiritual Awakening:

You may also experience a form of spiritual awakening during this time, a desire or urge to connect with your wider community.

You may experience a greater sense of beautiful and unconditional love and a sense of oneness with other people, those you know personally and those you don’t know.

It can feel like the sudden realization of universal oneness, perhaps triggered by playing with children, or animals or by observing your fellow humans and understanding at a core level how we all come from the same divine source.

This energy in its highest vibration is all about unconditional love and expansion, it is visionary and magnificent.

This wonderful energy can encourage you to evolve spiritually, perhaps by investigating topics that interest you, learning about higher levels of consciousness, and entering a new spiritual awareness in your life.

You may feel especially attuned to what others are feeling and thinking, it’s a good time to explore telepathy and psychic vision.

Increase Manifestations:

All these aspects come together beautifully to create the perfect energy to amplify your manifestation!

See how you can harness this beautiful energy to set intentions.

Always remember to set your intention in the present. For example, I am earning double my salary this month.

Focus your thoughts on what you want to manifest and feel as if it is already happening to you now.

Step into your day each day with the belief that it is already happening in the unseen Universe around you.

Top Tip: Start with small intentions to show yourself that you are capable of manifesting.

It can be fun to start by manifesting only a parking space or a green light for example.

Or knowing that you will find the perfect dress you need for a party, or that the grocery store will have your favorite product on sale.

• Keep a Dream Journal

Neptune is encouraging us to follow our dreams and listen to every message it contains.

During this time you may have bigger and more vivid dreams at night.

Keep a notebook next to your bed and write down everything you remember when you wake up.

Don’t let your mind drift before you do!

It can be difficult to retain the memory of a dream when you wake up, so stay in the moment as much as possible.

• Ask a Question and Dream the Answer

If there is something you want the answer to, some subject that is bothering you that you need clarity around, this conjunction energy can help you discover the answer in the time of your dreams.

Before you go to sleep, simply ask the question you have in mind and ask for the answer to be revealed.

You may be surprised by the solutions that are shown to you while you sleep with your higher guidance, through dreams.

You can use your sleep time to connect you with your subconscious and higher self — just make sure you follow the guidance you’re being shown!

• Water themes

Water is a theme with this conjunction as well.

Neptune in Pisces means that emotions are running high, there may be tears that will clear and release any stagnant energy you may have and allow you to feel renewed.

Any time you can spend in or in the water can help you cleanse your emotional body and leave you feeling refreshed with cleaner, higher frequency energy.

On a note of caution, be sure to protect your home against any flooding or plumbing issues.

Here is a small summary of all the positive ways you can use this energy:

  • Be inspired by new ideas, approaches and creative projects.
  • Think outside the box and make bold and creative choices.
  • Connect with your community and feel a sense of unity with others.
  • Meditate daily to strengthen your psychic abilities and gain self-awareness.
  • Set bold intentions every day, start small and build on them to manifest your bigger dreams.