Manifestation Techniques You Haven’t Heard Of But Will Change Your Life

“Be careful what you set your heart on. Because it will definitely be yours.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is the role of the Law of Attraction and manifestation.

It helps to build our belief that whatever we want can be turned into reality.

Manifestation has been one of our topics for some time now.

And I am sure that you have already tried some of the techniques of manifestation that I mentioned such as a vision board, mantra manifestations, or manifestation with angel numbers.

And you may have already manifested amazing things using these methods.

Why? Because these are effective methods and if done regularly, you will definitely see the changes in your life.

But in the Law of Attraction, there will always be new methods that arise.

The question is how will you know about them? By reading on…

What I am going to share with you are manifestation techniques that you have not heard of but will change your life.

I am saying this because these will really sound new to you.

But I’m sure… you will find one that resonates with you.

1. Two cup method

The method of two cups is a symbolic technique that will it helps to change your mindset.

It’s all about that spiritual mindset you have about your desires. What you will need:

• Water

• Two glasses

• Marker

• Tape

Label the first cup as your current situation (eg Financially unstable, single, lonely, unemployed) and fill it with water.

For the next cup, label it with what you want to manifest (eg debt free, wealthy, meaningful relationship, good health).

Now, look at these cups. At this moment, what is full of water is your current state.

To go to your desired state, take your first glass and start pouring water into the second glass.

As you watch the water flow to the next cup, imagine your life getting better and better until your wishes come true.

The last step, drink all that water from the abundant cup and tear off the label that you put on that cup, and keep it with you as a sign that you believe that your life is about to change.

2. Don’t Worry Box

Sometimes, our heads can be filled with fear, doubt, and senseless worry.

And it seems we can’t stop these self-sabotaging thoughts from the surface.

So, it’s time to have a worry box. What you will need:

• An empty box (even a tissue box will do)

• Paper

• A pen

What you will do is write down these thoughts… everything!

All these negative emotions in your mind put them on the paper and put them inside the box.

And day by day, you either burn one paper or tear it up and throw it away.

It symbolizes that you are letting go of these thoughts.

3. The You And Me Method

This method is about writing what you can do to yourself and what you want the Universe to do either with you or for you.

What you will need:

• Paper

• A pen

• Divide the paper in half

One of the first sections, write what you can do for today.

And in the next section there is what you want the Universe to do for you.

For example, one of the first sections I wrote: I will finish all my work today.

In the second section, you will write: May you give me the motivation to do all my work. Or May you guide me.

What do you think? Is there a method you’re excited to try?