Master your Point of Attraction to Allow your Desires

On May 21st the Gemini Season begins as the sun rises from Taurus.

Gemini is an air sign and is linked to communication, quick thinking, and creativity.

As a fast-moving air sign connected to the planet Mercury, Gemini’s energy is often focused in our minds and places a heavy emphasis on thinking, so it’s an ideal time to become more aware of the types of ‘thoughts you are having.

Gemini is also represented by the symbol of twins.

This invites us to reflect on the dual nature of the soul and our physical experience.

We are spiritual beings inside human bodies.

Gemini season is a chance to be very clear about the kinds of thoughts you are having and the ways in which you understand that you are having a physical experience as an eternal soul in this Universe.

Thoughts are powerful. Depending on where you are placing your attention, they can be consuming or empowering.

They can be inviting positivity or magnetizing negativity.

They can be clear and expansive or closed and draining.

This is deeply connected to your understanding of yourself as a spiritual being in this life experience.

If you understand that your thoughts are dictating your reality, you will know that you are actually the most powerful creator of your life.

The trick is to get a hold of your thinking so that you create what you actually want to see manifest and not the opposite.

Let’s dive into how:

It’s not that easy to go from a bad thinking habit (being down on yourself, feeling stuck, feeling poor and lacking etc etc) to suddenly feeling happy and abundant.

It’s really a challenge to wrap your mind around that and actually believe it.

Of course, it is.

But what if you decided to focus your attention on specific things you want and just decide to find another emotion that feels better?

You don’t have to pretend to feel rich and abundant if you just received another huge and fine credit card bill.

That is almost impossible to do effectively.

But you CAN decide to shift your focus to something else that feels good. A different topic altogether.

For example, simple things that lift your spirits like sitting in the sun, taking a relaxing bath with herbal salts and essential oils, laughing with a great friend, or reading an inspirational article.

You can choose to lose yourself in an engrossing activity such as baking, cleaning, or gardening.

Or maybe listening to music and dancing is what appeals to you, or go swimming.

The fact is, the more you talk about negative thoughts and things that make you feel worse, the harder it is to shift your point of attraction.

If you simply decide to put your attention on something that takes your mind off your worries, you are actually letting the energy of negativity subside a little.

You take your attention off the top and you no longer feed it.

So what happens?

Also, because you have trained yourself in the habit of feeling good, the next time your thoughts bring you to that unpaid bill and your lack of financial abundance, you will feel better about it because it will be arriving at a higher frequency.

We know that the Universe always reflects back to us events and situations, people, and opportunities that align with what we are giving.

As long as you are feeling negative, impatient, and fed up with the way life is going, you cannot expect the Universe to bring you something radically different from that.

In your acute awareness of not being rich, you are blocking financial wealth from coming to you, because you are not aligned with the frequency of wealth.

Controlling your point of attraction for all the things you desire is as simple as training yourself to feel better emotions at any given moment.

Of course, you cannot immediately jump from having 0 in your bank to having 500 thousand dollars.

BUT you can immediately jump from feeling bad to feeling good, simply by shifting your attention.

And believe it or not, that is always the way to attract more of what you want in life.

If you can train yourself to feel better about life regardless of your current circumstances, you hold the key to creating your own customized reality!

The more you practice this, the more circumstances begin to change.

The doors open, and the world begins to welcome you.

It’s amazing how positive and synchronistic things start to enter your world when you decide to feel better.

You have to take responsibility for your own thoughts, it really is the most crucial thing you can do in your quest to master the Law of Attraction.

As long as you are feeling like a victim of circumstance,

other people’s bad moods,

or politics in your country

or the terrible things you see on the news –

you can never be empowered.

Of course, all those things are going on around you, the world is a challenging and complicated place.

BUT that doesn’t mean you have to be trapped and programmed by negativity.

You get to choose your thoughts, they are really the only thing you actually have any control over.

Let what you think become the most important thing for you.

What you think determines your entire life experience.

What others think must be done is not an issue for you.

You can’t ask the world to change to make you feel good.

You must become an anchor of stable, constant and positive energy that radiates love and joy to the world.

There is no better time than Gemini Season (May 21 – June 21) to get a firm grip on your thoughts and communication.

Use this light and airy energy to control your point of attraction, and watch the world change around you to reflect the beauty of your thought.