Rituals for the Summer Solstice, June 21

The Summer Solstice is celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere on June 21st.

It marks the longest day of the year and the official start of Summer.

The Solstice is a powerful time of year that has long been considered healing and magical.

It is traditionally known as a time when the veil between our 3d world and the spirit world is particularly thin, and we can feel a stronger connection with Mother Nature and the natural energies of the Earth.

Our ancestors who were perhaps more connected to the natural phases of the planet, considered the Solstice as a powerful and important time of the year.

Think of the monuments around the world that are believed to have been built to align with the Sun on the day of the Solstice – the festivals, rituals, celebrations and offerings that are incorporated in many cultures to coincide with this auspicious day .

In the days leading up to the Solstice, you can feel the energy of the Sun as it energizes, strengthens, and shines upon us in abundance.

That energy is said to be in perfect alignment with the high frequency of harmony and the entire energy grid of the Earth rises in vibration on the eve of the Solstice.

You can honor this magical energy and these cultural traditions from the past in your own unique way, by enjoying this beautiful energy of the Summer Solstice wherever you are.

The bright sunlight of the days leading up to the Solstice stimulates our pineal gland, known as the seat of consciousness, to produce serotonin and stimulate our brain.

This is important because an activated pineal gland supports the flow of our vital energy and life force.

It is essential for holistic health of body, mind and spirit.

If you really tune in and connect with nature, you can feel the subtle shifts that occur in the animal and plant kingdoms as a result of the extra hours of sunlight.

Think how this daylight is also affecting our own bodies.

If you choose to spend more time outdoors in nature around this time, you will soak up the positive frequencies and feel aligned with the spirit of the Summer Solstice.

These are some of my favorite activities and rituals to do around this time:

Set Intention With crystals

I’ve always thought it’s a nice time of year to set an intention for your life ahead for the second half of 2022.

Choose a crystal that resonates with passion, creativity, health, fertility and abundance – properties that relate to the Sun.

You can do this with orange and yellow colored crystals such as Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Ruby or Sunstone.

Place your chosen crystal on your heart, or in your third eye.

Establish in silence your intention for the second half of the year. What kind of energy do you want to embody going forward?

Make a statement that resonates with you and that you can come back to again and again for the last six months of the year.Practice Yoga Sun Salutations Al Fresco

I like to do this outside in the morning light.

If possible, I recommend doing the same as there is something truly magical about honoring the sunlight and feeling its magic as you go through your yoga poses.

Meditate With the Rhythm of the World

If you are able, go somewhere where you can lie on the grass, the ground, or sand and simply feel yourself connecting with the energies of the Earth beneath you.

A nice way to do this is to try to feel the Earth’s breath moving in synchrony with your own breath.

Let your mind be open to what you intuitively feel.

Relax here until you need to feel that connection. Let your body be calm and relaxed.

You will begin to breathe intuitively in the rhythm of the Planet below you.

Feeling charged, energized, and deeply peaceful, it’s a beautiful way to connect with nature and the entire Universe.

Create an Altar to Nature in Your Home

You can create your own altar to nature in your home using flowers, herbs, crystals, candles, fruits and vegetables, whatever beautiful objects you feel resonate with the solstice energies.

Choose yellow, red and orange colored offerings to symbolize the powerful energies of the sun.

You can use this altar to set your intentions, meditate, or simply bring the powerful energy of the Summer Solstice into your home, marking the occasion and celebrating the magical influence of this time on your own life.

Whatever you choose to do during this time, be sure to welcome and receive the energies of abundance, compassion, prosperity, love and spirituality at this time.

The most important message that accompanies the Summer Solstice is about stepping into your unique power.

You are an individual soul on this planet at this time for a reason.

When you connect with nature and the pure and wild energies of our Earth, you feel not only energized and empowered but united with the rest of life on the planet.

It’s a beautiful time to feel a sense of oneness with humanity, as well as honoring your own individual soul journey.

Shine your magic to the world and be the light you came here to be.

Happy Summer Solstice everyone!