Strawberry Moon: June 14 Full Moon Ritual to Manifest Your Deepest Desires

Have you been feeling the need to travel?

Are your feet itching to walk somewhere new?

Well, it’s all because of the Full Strawberry Moon this June 14th.

Its strong energy is calling you to do something new and feel the energy of adventure.

As the full moon moves into Sagittarius, it invites you to create big ideas and put them into action.

In astrology, full moons are all about the manifestation of good things or projects reaching completion.

That’s why it’s time to do a full moon ritual that manifests your deepest desires.

But before that, I want to share the top 3 zodiac signs that really feel the effect of the full moon.


This lunation can be a bit rocky for you.

If you’ve been splurging online, it might be best to take a step back from that.

Take a look at your finances and check if you are not going over your budget.

Don’t get too attached to material things and lose sight of your main goal.

Trust your intuition and do what is best for you and not what feels right for the moment.


For other zodiac signs, this full moon can feel like it’s all about work, work, work.

But for you, it calls you to look at your mental health and well-being.

It talks about personal care for you. Use this lunation to relax and unwind.

Watch your favorite TV series and just be in that moment.

Give yourself time to rest rather than experiencing burnout later.


You may feel insecure for some unknown reason but don’t let it get to you.

You might just be feeling the intense energy of the strawberry moon.

Don’t give in.

You are a strong and powerful person.

You can do anything you set your mind to.

This full moon is calling you to do amazing things – finish that big project of yours and celebrate your success!

For other zodiac signs, this full moon is all about manifesting what you really want. That’s why it’s time to find out the rituals you can do to strengthen your manifestation.

1. Move Your Body

Don’t let the moon’s energy get stuck on you.

Release her energies and let the Divine know you mean business.

Go ahead and put some music and dance away.

You can choose to dress up or just dance in your pajamas.

Get your body moving and remove the negative energies stored inside.

If you don’t want to dance, doing some stretching or walking under the moonlight are great alternatives.

2. Shower / bath meditation

This doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

Simply get your favorite crystals such as tiger’s eye stones or obsidian stones and place them inside your bathroom.

Next, let the water flow over your body and feel each drop. Now, focus on what you want to let go of.

And imagine being kicked out of your body… out of your life as you take a bath or shower.

The stones that are inside the same room as you help your energy floor and give you good vibrations too.

3. Write and Capture

Write a letter of all the things you want to let go of and all the things you want to manifest.

Use two separate cards for this.

As you write, really pour out your intentions with every word.

When you are ready, under the moonlight, turn it on and watch the ashes turn to nothing.

Be careful when doing this and make sure you ask someone to be there with you.

What do you think about this full moon – are you ready to manifest your deepest desires?