The 3-Step Formula: Intention, Attraction, and Action

The Law of Attraction is a universal law that responds to your energetic vibration.

Whatever you put out into the world, comes back to you.

So, if you are too focused on failure and negativity, then these are the things you will receive.

But if you turn on gratitude and positivity, you will you will find yourself surrounded by abundance.

It really is that simple. Why?

Because the Universe is like a photocopier… It creates copies of what you want.

Your thoughts, feelings and actions all play a major role in your journey of manifestation. That is why being aware is necessary.

You cannot wish for prosperity and think that they do not deserve it.

You can’t hope for love if you don’t believe it exists.

If you want your wishes to come true, you have to believe in what you want.

You have to believe that it is for you – that it exists, that it is created only for you.

You also need to know the 3-step formula that makes the Law of Attraction easier and faster.

1. Intention

Intention setting is the process of clarifying and being specific about your goals so that you can concentrate on what it takes to make life exactly the way YOU want it to be.

Intention is like the gasoline that fuels your desires.

She helps set a clear path before you to guide you when you are feeling down.

It’s like a reminder… that this is WHY you are on this path.

Write your intentions on a piece of paper and keep it with you always.

Let the questions below help you find out what is really important to you.


  • What do I need today?
  • What can make my life better?
  • What am I inspired about?
  • What is draining my energy?

Wealth and Success

  • Do I need to change my financial situation?
  • What is my goal in my career?
  • What is my definition of success?
  • What do I do more value? Material wealth or spiritual wealth?


  • What is my goal for my romantic relationship?
  • How much do I value self love?
  • Do I believe in soul mates or twin flames?
  • What is my heart telling me right now?

2. Attraction

This step is all about your feelings and thoughts. They should all be aligned with your desires.

You can simply want something and focus your thoughts on the negative.

You have to learn to think what will happen when you get what you want.

Study the feeling of having what you desire and keep that feeling.

3. Action

Your actions towards your desire set the tone for your journey of manifestation.

If you have done formulas 1 and 2, then making formula 3 will be a piece of cake.

All you have to do is align your actions with what you want.

For example, you want the luxury car you’ve been dreaming about, then don’t focus on jealousy (a negative emotion).

Don’t be mad or upset when one of your friends gets what they want.

Instead, be happy for them and believe that your time will come.

Soon, you will be blessed with the desires of your heart.

What do you think about this formula? Are you going to try it?