The Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse: All you Need to Know

The New Moon we have on October 25th is not just any old New Moon.

It’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio and ushers in an exciting and possibly tumultuous Eclipse Season!

A Solar Eclipse always occurs on a New Moon.

It is when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, making it appear invisible from our perspective.

Much like a regular New Moon, New Moon Solar Eclipses are portals of new beginnings.

The beginning of a new and fresh cycle. A chance to move forward with renewed energy on your life’s path.

You may feel drawn to plan new ideas and even create a brand new chapter in your life.

Eclipses Always Come In Pairs

It is very common during Eclipse Season for two eclipses to work together with a joint and collaborative energy.

This eclipse is no different as it is closely followed on November 8th by a Total Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse.

We’ll discuss more details about what to expect with that one closer to the time.

Eclipses are so powerful in our Cosmos that we often feel the energy up to a month before and after the actual event.

That’s why it’s good to know what kind of messages, themes, and energy might be heading our way in advance!


Another thing you need to know is that these two upcoming eclipses are strongly linked to the eclipses we had back in April and May.

Think back to some themes that were important to you then, you may notice them return or evolve further at this time with the energy of the eclipse.

Themes that may emerge at a global level include: finance, control, release, resources, values, and delivery.

We all experience Eclipse Season differently.

Sometimes we can feel the energy acutely, and other times it may not be apparent to you.

Whatever is happening, transformation is essential during this Eclipse.

If you are currently in a transitional phase of your life, you may be wondering whether or not to make a big change in your career or relationship, or perhaps there is a need for some kind of spiritual improvement.

Eclipses often create the opportunity for what is needed to happen, so remember that word – Transformation, as we move into this energy.

Scorpio energy

The great news about this New Moon Eclipse is that it comes with a gentler energy than the upcoming Blood Moon Eclipse.

Falling under the sign of Scorpio, it is especially connected to spiritual depth, deep messages of the soul and forging strong connections with others in our lives.

You can take advantage of this by making an effort to connect with your wider community and create new networks of like-minded people.

This could look like joining a new yoga class, book club or taking a workshop in something that lights you up and makes you feel passionate and happy!

The best way to make new friends is by doing something you love.

Venus Energy

The planet of love, beauty and all things harmonious and full of heart is active under this Solar Eclipse.

Venus gives a wonderful power to anything we do that involves expanding our heart energy.

If you are having any relationship challenges, this Venus energy will support you to navigate them with ease and honesty.

There is loving and helpful energy available from the Cosmos to help you with any difficult decisions you may have to make in your love life.

Tapping into your heart center will be so helpful during this time.

Simply taking a few moments to connect with your heart space will allow you to feel more open and calm, and more able to both give and receive love.

See this Eclipse as a chance for you to reevaluate everything you want and decide how to move forward into the future.

You can set intentions if you feel called on this New Moon Eclipse but it is worth remembering that the Eclipse has its own power that will be creating shifts in your life where needed.

Last Thing…

Try to embody the energy of surrender, trust and flow.

Let the Universe and all its magic deliver what is needed to you in the form of messages, signs, dreams, or situations that come to light.

Adopt the mindset that transformation is always for your highest good, and let powerful changes happen with surrender.

Trust and have faith that new ideas and new inspiration will come to you.

You want to be feeling grounded and positive ahead of the intense energy of the Blood Moon Eclipse in November.

Here is a powerful affirmation for you to recite during this Eclipse season.

I am open to new beginnings, however they may manifest.