Use Manifestation Magic To Clear Subconscious Abundance Blocks

“Nothing comes from outside; all things come from within — from the subconscious.” – Neville Goddard

Do you believe that we, as humans, are masters of limitations?

How often do you catch yourself with limiting beliefs? Or in some cases, do you feel disempowered?

Most of the time, we are not aware that we are the ones who do it to ourselves, specifically, our thoughts.

This is because our subconscious plays a big role in this.

We all want abundance in our lives.

If you find yourself not having the abundance you want and you are beating yourself up over it, then, my friend, you may have subconscious abundance blocks.

This happens because your subconscious is already programmed to attract the same situation over and over.

So, how do you get out of it? How do you get rid of something you’re not consciously thinking about?

It may seem difficult, but I know a few things that can help.

Clearing Abundance Blocks

These abundance blocks are energy blocks that came from your past experiences. It could also be something you got from your parents that carried your energy field.

Your blocks can be either on an emotional or mental level.

Here are some emotions you feel when there is a lack of abundance in your life:

  • Constant worry about losing money
    You feel unworthy of more
    You feel insecure about your abilities to create abundance
    You go through bouts of sadness for no reason
    You feel unsupported by loved ones about your dreams
  • So, how do you clear these abundance blocks?

    Everything starts and ends with your energies.

    We will tap into your emotional energy field because this is where you store your desires, feelings and passions.

    The Power of Sound and Manifestation Magic

    Use Manifestation Magic To Remove Subconscious Abundance Blocks

    Manifestation Magic can help you clear your abundance blocks. It features Energy Orbiting audio tracks that you can listen to before you hit the sack or while you’re sleeping.

    These audios will remove the negative energies that create these blocks of abundance in your life. And the good thing is that all these happen while you are sleeping!

    The power of sound can have a calming and clearing effect on your energies. It is based on entrainment, a scientific principle that was discovered by the Dutch physicist of the 17th century Christian Huygens.

    Dr. Huygens discovered the energy and healing sound when he placed two pendulum clocks close together on a wall. When the clocks were installed, the pendulums swung at different rates. But when placed next to each other, eventually the pendulums swung together and locked in phase.

    Therefore, when a sound is made next to an organism, an object or in a space that is vibrating at a different rate, both will eventually lock in phase and begin to vibrate at the same frequency and therefore healing occurs.

    Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 67

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    Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 67

    Soon after this, medical researchers also discovered how sound affects our brain wave patterns. The sound can change the pattern in the alpha state. It can also change it to the theta frequency, a restorative state that gives positive effects on the general human being.

    Manifestation Magic includes four Energy Orbiting tracks that you can listen to to raise your vibrations and remove your subconscious abundance blocks.

    Bonus Tracks To Clear Chakra Energy Blocks

    Use Manifestation Magic To Remove Subconscious Abundance Blocks

    Along with it are two bonuses that allow you to fully maximize the experience of manifesting through the Chakra Energy System.

    The Chakra Energy System can help clear blocks that are associated with the 7 energetic chakra points:

  • Root chakra
    Sacral chakra
    Navel chakra
    Heart chakra
    Throat chakra
    Third eye chakra
    Crown chakra
  • Balancing the chakras can bring more clarity to your life. With this bonus Chakra Energy System, you can boost your energy clearing with this.

    Bonus Tracks to Transform Your Life and Unleash Your Hidden Superpower

    Use Manifestation Magic To Remove Subconscious Abundance Blocks

    The second bonus system is the Transformation System. It includes seven extra tracks of Energy Orbiting that will awaken your hidden superpower.

    It will help transform your life as it will raise your vibrations, program your subconscious, and transform your life for the better.

    A Simple Daily Ritual to Remove Blocks of Sunconscious Abundance

    Along with the powerful Manifestation Magic product that you can use to clear your subconscious blocks of abundance, you can combine it with simple and easy steps to do that will help align yourself with the vibration of abundance.

    1. Know your goal

    What is your abundance goal? You have to know exactly what it is that you want.

    A great way to find out what you really want is to ask questions like, “What would it be like for me if I had more money?”

    Such a question leads you to a point that reveals your deepest desire. When you find out what that is, then set yourself that goal and work towards it.

    2. Have a Declaration

    Write an energy clearing statement. It could go something like, “Now I’m clearing anything that gets in the way of me reaching my goal.”

    3. Align Yourself With Abundance Energy

    One of the best things you can do to align yourself along with listening to Manifestation Magic is to write down all the positive vibrations you want to bring into your life.

    Each day, after listening to the Manifestation Magic tracks, write down every positive feeling you feel. This will help you better attract and align yourself with abundant energy.

    It’s time to live a more abundant life because you deserve it.

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