Virgo Season: Key Dates in the Cosmic Forecast and Wellness Tips

We’re moving firmly into Virgo Season on August 22nd, so be prepared to tap into the energies of quiet power, inner strength, and productivity that come with this sign.

If Leo season was brave and bold, strong and extroverted, Virgo season is more about looking inward and understanding our connection to the entire Universe.

The Virgin, representing Virgo symbolically, is linked to purity and wholeness and in this way, serves as a reminder that we are also whole.

We are whole and divine beings from within. We are an intrinsic part of the entire Universe.

We are made of the same energy as source energy and our vibrational frequency impacts everything around us and everything that manifests in our lives.

This season is the perfect time to remind yourself of your innate power and connection to all that is.

It is the perfect time to realign your actions with your dreams and make sure you are taking steps to create the reality you truly desire.

Virgo energy is associated with independence, resourcefulness and productivity.

It’s about learning to be self-sufficient and making sure you can always rely on your inner resources.

Making time for self care is important with this energy as is the cultivation of a deep awareness that everything you need is accessible within yourself.

The quiet, introspection typically associated with Virgo energy is certainly not weakness or shyness, but rather an internal steely strength that serves to guide and support you at your core.

The following are some key dates to keep in mind as we move into the season of Virgo towards the Autumnal Equinox on September 22/23.

August 22 – Sun in Virgo

Just after we experience the second Aquarius Full Moon, the sun enters Virgo. The energy may be drawing you to organize, declutter and take stock of your inner and outer world.

August 29 – Mercury in Libra

Mercury is the communication-related planet of Virgo, when it moves into Libra it brings themes of justice, diplomacy and equality (all strong Libra associations).

September 6 – New Moon in Virgo

A bright New Moon in Virgo calls us to confront our inner wounds and work on healing our shadow aspects. It is a good time to work on releasing addictions, old habits, and behaviors.

We may also feel particularly energized and motivated due to the active energy of Mars and Uranus at this time.

September 10 – Venus in Scorpio

Scorpio is a deeply emotional and sensual water sign, so the placement of Venus here indicates an energy that encourages us to connect with our inner desires and emotions. You may be feeling particularly sensitive and vulnerable at this time.

September 14 – Mars in Libra

The energy of Mars is always strong, fearless and productive and these qualities will certainly be present during late September and October as it enters Libra and connects with the Sun.

The negative side of the fiery energy of Mars can mean an intensity of emotions and a potential release of pent-up anger, so finding balance and peace is essential at this time, as well as watching your words and be aware that this masculine energy can move you.

September 20 – Full Moon in Pisces

Pisces is a gentle and dreamy sign and the Full Moon in this sign encourages us to quietly reflect and check in with our instincts.

It’s a wonderful time to release limiting beliefs, dissolve any blocks that stand between you and your abundance, and strengthen your connection to your highest self.

September 22/23 – Equinox (Sun leaves Virgo and enters Libra)

To close the season, we have the powerful Equinox – traditionally considered a healing and harmonious time on Earth when the hours of light and darkness are equal.

It’s a beautiful time to reflect as the energy in the outer world (in the northern hemisphere) moves inward as we move into the beginning of Autumn and Winter.

Finally, here are our top wellness tips to keep you grounded during Virgo Season:

Make sure you are maintaining a balance between your work and rest time.

This is the ideal time of year to really integrate the concept of filling your wells first.

You have to take care of yourself, mind, body, and soul before you can actually be as productive as you want to be and also help others effectively.

1. Get out and walk in nature as much as possible. Add something new to your routines like a sunrise or sunset yoga class.

Virgo energy likes to combine fresh air with physical movement and spiritual invigoration.

2. Use and work with crystals like Moonstone and Amethyst to tap into the divine feminine and replenish your energies. Alternatively, connect to the positive, productive and organizational atmosphere of Virgo with Jasper and Citrine.

3. Boost your meditation or self-care ritual with essential oils like Lavender or Jasmine. Whether you’re diffusing a blended oil or spraying it directly around your home, the power of aromatherapy can really improve your wellness habits.

You can even drop the oil into a warm bath or massage some into your feet or temples.

Don’t dismiss these simple but effective techniques!

When you incorporate these little extra moments into your day, you can shift any stagnant energy and really ground yourself in the moment, no matter what else is going on in your life or the outside world.