What Does Neptune in Retrograde Mean For You?

Neptune is retrograde, but what does that mean, and why should you care?!

When a planet enters retrograde, it symbolizes the need to look back, revisit the past, and reflect and clarify situations or events before moving forward in life.

Depending on the characteristics of the planet and the life themes it rules, you can expect different energies at this time.

Neptune entered its year back on June 25, 2021, where it will remain until December 1, 2021, in the sign of Pisces.

This means that we will now have four planets, including Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto also retrograde.

Neptune Retrograde asks us to take a look back at November 2020, and everything that has been happening since then, unfolding in our lives.

Are there any illusions that need to be broken? Do you see the plain truth of a situation in your life? Or in the wider world?

This is often a period where, if you were previously only looking through rose-colored glasses, you can find some surprising truths revealed.

These do not have to be negative at all, Neptune is the planet of desires, dreams, and illusions.

You can always create a new dream and work to put it in motion!

Dreams and manifestations evolve as we grow, our desires change, we adapt to circumstances, and we are always learning and transforming with new information and ideas.

New dreams are born every day, and that’s exactly how it should be.

After all, the only constant in life is change.

Fortunately, Neptune is all about beautiful dreams, desires, manifestations, higher consciousness, unconditional love and unity.

It also rules the unseen, encouraging us to look beyond what we think we know.

To feel with our intuition and seek the truth behind the illusion so that we can move forward, and make progress from an authentic place.

Themes likely to arise as Neptune goes retrograde include:

  • Shattered illusions
  • Reality Check
  • Spiritual Growth / Evolution

Let’s take a look at these themes in more detail so you can be fully prepared for what’s in store with all this cosmic energy!

Shattered illusions

As Neptune enters retrograde and we are given a clear view to see things more wisely, any previous illusions can be shattered.

A bit like seeing behind the smoke and mirrors or distractions that have been clouding your vision, Neptune brings to light the reality of things.

Be ready to make stronger decisions about things in your life, as you realize that confusion was only holding you back!

Reality Check

It’s a great time to get grounded and look around at your current experience. How can you be where you are right now?

Events around the world over the past 15 months have been upsetting for many.

Now is the time to be clear about your life situation, take account of what is around you and focus on your vision going forward.

It is a great time to plant the seeds for new dreams and visions in the coming months.

If you feel lost or uncertain about your way forward, start with a simple acknowledgment of the things you KNOW for sure.

The things you are clear about. And take it from there, one small step at a time.

Spiritual Growth / Evolution

Neptune’s energy helps us move into wisdom and spiritual understanding.

We can work with the high frequency of the planet to connect more deeply with our dream time, intuition, and third eye psychic abilities more easily.

During Neptune retrograde, we all have better access to our inner worlds, so it’s an opportunity to connect with your Higher Self, your inner guide, and learn to listen to the wisdom that comes from there.

There is a great positive energy here for you, if you can take the time to go within, you will no longer need any kind of confirmation or validation from sources outside of yourself.

You will know what is the right path for you, and you will start to follow it.

Keeping a dream journal or working with dream signs and symbolism is perfect at this time.

Neptune Retrograde Takeaways:

Consider what you may have been avoiding looking at and let the truth of any situation be revealed to you.

Use the energy to mature emotionally and see, perhaps for the first time, the truth of certain events in your life or the real motives of people around you or in the wider world.

Take that knowledge and ground yourself in a new reality with new intentions and visions for the coming months. Be clear and positive as you imagine the best future for yourself.

Take advantage of Neptune’s spiritual nature and connect with your higher self by recording your dreams in a journal, and tap into your inner wisdom.

Stop looking for answers from others or figures in the outside world and use this time to connect with your sovereignty as a human being on this planet.

Learn to trust your instincts and follow the guidance from within, because there is a powerful wisdom in you when you truly know who you are.

Blessings, power, and love to you during Neptune retrograde.