What Does Your Energy Attract: Scarcity or Abundance?

Life is a delicate balance between the energy you send out into the world and what comes back to you.

You are made of this beautiful, flowing force that can be felt by others as well as within yourself.

This force is made up of both on an emotional level through thoughts or feelings, but also physically when in places that radiate energy.

The way we carry our energy can have an impact on everything, by how calm and happy we feel or how anxious and sad we are. It often affects other people as well.

That is why sometimes when we enter a room full of people, we can either feel a burst of positive energy or negative energy.

Don’t worry just because of your energy; the energy that other people carry can affect you too.

That’s why they always say that we should surround ourselves with people who are healthy for our energy.

But have you ever wondered what energy you attract? Do you attract the vibration of scarcity or the frequency of abundance?

If you want to manifest your every desire, you must be aware of your current energy. But how do you do it?

• Be Aware of Your Energy

If you want to attract good vibrations, it is important that your energy is positive. You need a sense of peace and calm so that others around you feel the same way too!

It is always important to be yourself and maintain a positive attitude for your relationships with others to flourish. If you come across negatively, people will notice!

Take time to evaluate yourself. How do they feel when you are around?

• Release Negativity

People, places, and things that hinder your happiness can be toxic to your well-being.

These negative influences in life can affect you emotionally by lowering your self-esteem or changing your thoughts.

To attract abundance instead of scarcity, you must let go of what no longer serves you. Be it relationships, beliefs, promises, affairs – anything!

Be brave enough to release these things to allow greater things to emerge.

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