Why you Need a Healthy Root Chakra to Amplify your Manifesting Power 

Our bodies work best when they achieve holistic homeostasis.

This means when everything is in perfect balance and working optimally.

This is also true for our energy bodies.

The chakra system is a vital part of understanding how energy flows in the body.

As we know, manifestation is all about the direction of energy –

when something manifests, it does so because the vibrational energetic frequencies are aligned.

Our energetic system is generated by the chakras, so of course they will be of great importance when it comes to manifesting successfully.

You can think of your chakras as a way of seeing how you are currently in alignment.

If you have a large imbalance of chakra energy, this can manifest itself in health problems and other issues in your life.

If something is out of balance, it becomes a challenge to achieve the kind of energetic balance you need to manifest your desires.

When your chakras are strong, clear, open, and spinning fast, your power to manifest is enhanced and you can fully tap into your power to create your desires.

You have seven main chakras, each of which is important but if we are talking about clearing energy for manifestation, you should always start with your root chakra.

Why? Also, the root chakra is the basis of the whole system –

the foundation, the gateway to the connection with the world.

Just like the foundations of a house need to be laid before you can build the roof, you need this chakra to be balanced and healthy before you can manifest your dreams.

The root chakra is all about basic survival instincts, safety, security and fear management.

When this chakra is working, healthy, and in balance, you will be able to stay on course to follow your dreams.

You will have the patience and surrender to know that your dreams are on the way.

Use these techniques to restore and cleanse your root chakra:

Color Crystal Meditation –

The root chakra is associated with the color red.

You can meditate with red crystals such as garnet, ruby, and red calcite.

Place the crystal over your pelvic area and breathe in and out deeply.

Feel the breath move down into the bottom of your belly and out again.

Imagine the color red and the energy of the crystal absorbing into your root chakra and removing any energetic blocks there.

Earthing and Affirmations –

Ground yourself by standing barefoot on the grass for 5-15 minutes.

Feel your connection to the earth and imagine a column of light connecting you to the vibration of the earth.

Repeat an affirmation like this:

I feel a peaceful energy radiating between my root chakra and the earth. I know that by restoring this connection I am stabilizing my own frequency. I feel calm, centered, and confident. I am at peace knowing that I can always start this way.

Take good care of your root chakra and you will see your manifestation abilities increase greatly!