You have the Power to Create your Life – Raise your Vibration Fast

As we head into the last few weeks of 2021, there is no better time to check in with your vibrational frequency and get clear on what kind of energetic output you are sending out into the Universe.

Can you look back at 2021 and pick out the good things you are proud to have shown?

What happened during the year that wasn’t so good?

Are there things you thought you would do that you didn’t get? What did you get?

Where did you exceed your expectations, and where do you know you could have done better?

I recommend writing down all the things that stand out to you from the past year and being 100% honest with yourself about what was good and what could have been better.

The purpose of this review is not to beat yourself up for things you didn’t do, nor to make you feel bad about something that happened beyond your control.

The purpose of your year review is to clarify where you want to create change as we move into 2022, and to inspire you to take control of your vibration and create the life you really want to be living next year!

Remember that you are always creating your future in every moment.

Your life is your own creation, and you have the power to choose what it looks like!

If there are things in your life right now that you are not happy with, instead you have to focus on what you want to see out there and bring it into your reality.

Remember that your dominant vibration is what feeds your energy and creates your future.

If you want more love, abundance, happiness, and good health – you must be vibrating on their frequency.

Whatever you are feeling most of the time becomes your dominant vibration.

If you are often worried, angry, or stuck in the past, it is much more difficult to break the cycle and rise up the emotional (and vibrational) scale to the higher frequencies of love, joy and gratitude.

This knowledge is so powerful.

Instead of feeling bad about what you haven’t manifested yet, or worrying about how much you worry!

Decide now to shift your vibration to a higher frequency.

That’s the beauty and magic of the Law of Attraction — it never stops working.

So at any moment, you will have a change in your vibration, regardless of what is happening in your life.

I find that feeling excited about the power I have to create change in my life is what motivates me to actually implement action towards that change.

Let me give you an example:

Imagine you told yourself at the beginning of January 2021 that this year you will lose 100 pounds, start meditating and write a novel.

Here we are in December, and you haven’t lost that weight, maybe you’ve meditated a little but you haven’t gotten into a regular practice, and you’ve stopped and started writing but you haven’t made any real progress on your novel.

Instead of feeling ashamed or guilty, you decide right now to create the change you wanted to see this year.

You realize that only you have the power to make those changes.

You must be 100% responsible for everything in your life!

Don’t let that statement tickle you – instead, let it empower you.

I know it can be difficult to change old patterns of behavior, overeating, procrastination on tasks, and any other long-standing habits.

But one of the fastest ways to do this is to realize that if you want change, YOU are the only person who can create it.

No one is coming to lose weight for you, or to meditate for you, or to write the novel for you.

You must understand that your power as a spiritual being in this Universe is immense.

You are far more powerful than you ever realized!

Do you want to live your life making excuses for why things didn’t happen the way you dreamed, or do you want to be able to say that you did everything possible to create change?

I believe that when you truly absorb and internalize the fact that you are responsible for creating your life, then you empower yourself to make the changes you want to see.

Get excited about how strong you are!

Remember these three things:

  • You have to believe that you are worthy of the things you want.
  • You have to believe that you have the ability to create change.
  • You have to get a handle on your energetic frequency.

Here is a quick exercise to help you get into the habit of moving your vibration quickly.

  • Write three things you are grateful for.
  • Write down three things that you have already shown.
  • Write down all the ways in which you have made changes in your life for the better in your life to date.

Think of just one thing that you want to manifest in the next year. (You can do this exercise for more than one thing, but it’s easier to focus on one thing at a time)

Say to yourself in your mind:

I can have it, and it comes easily. I can have it, and it comes easily. I can have it, and it comes easily.

Say it as many times as you want until you start to feel your vibration rise as you believe your words and move into the vibration of ease and permission.

Once you believe the ease with which things can come, they begin to appear quickly!

Remember – you have all the power and strength within you to create change in your life!

Move forward with strong self-belief, confidence, and high vibrational energy and live your best life.