Your Moon Sign’s True Potential

Do you like reading your horoscope? But you end up asking: Why is my horoscope never accurate?

Trust in me; you are not alone.

Much of astrology misses the mark on what you should know about yourself.

That’s why you shouldn’t rely on it too much.

What you can do is connect with the Moon.

The moon has long been associated with feminine energy and is often considered to have a strong influence on life on earth.

The energies of the Moon signify wisdom, birth, death, reincarnation and spiritual connection, just as they do in our own lives.

The phases of the moon are similar to the cycle of life, like how seeds grow into flowers before dying again, only for their essence or soul (pollen) to be reborn again and again.

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Did you know that the moon has a significant influence on our mood and personality?

The phase of the moon at your birth may have some clues about who you are.

For example, when someone is born under a full moon, they tend to be emotionally expressive (for example, this person may have strong feelings for their loved ones).

Conversely, if someone was born during new or waning moons, they may feel more introverted than average.

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No more time wasted on goals that don’t stick…

No more loss of surprise…

Just you, the moon, and the endless possibilities of life.

What are you waiting for?

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