4 Morning Rituals To Raise Your Vibrations

How you start your day is very important. This is why you need to establish rituals that allow you to achieve a higher vibration.

Here are some morning rituals you can do:

1. Deep breathing and meditation rituals

4 Morning Rituals To Raise Your Vibrations

Meditation has been proven to help reduce anxiety. It is also helpful in managing stress. Allowing yourself to meditate for at least five minutes a day can work wonders to center your day. If you can, take longer days to practice meditation. This allows you to focus on the present moment.

Make this part of your daily ritual and you will notice significant changes in your life.

2. Morning Journal Ritual

Have you tried a morning journal ritual? The goal here is to write down two or three intentions for the day. Keep in mind that if you can only get down to one intention for the day, that’s fine.

If you haven’t tried journaling, and you’re not too keen on the idea, challenge yourself to do it. One of the most effective ways to cope with stress and anxiety is to try something new.

Commit to a morning journaling ritual for a week and see how it goes. When you become consistent with it, sooner or later, you will feel like you are manifesting the intentions you set every morning.

You can also use journaling as a way to release emotions and thoughts that no longer serve you.

3. Shower ritual

4 Morning Rituals To Raise Your Vibrations

Do this ritual during your morning shower. It’s an easy one that you won’t have a problem doing every day.

How this works is you have to see your shower area as a sanctuary. Apart from the visualization, you can use additional tools that can contribute to give your shower area feel like a sanctuary. Use products that emit pleasant fragrances as this can add to the sensory sensation.

When you step into the shower, we pretend that the water is actually drops of gold and they are there to cleanse you of all your worries and negativities. Think of two or three things that you would also like to release in the shower and wash down the drain.

Once you release all fears and negative thinking, state two to three events in the present tend as if they have already happened and give thanks for this.

Keep in mind that visualization is very powerful, so do it for a few minutes a day while you’re in the shower.

4. Oil Pulling Ritual

Oil pulling is a well-known Ayurvedic cleansing ritual that dates back to ancient times. It is best practiced in the morning.

Here’s how you can do it:

Have a tablespoon of coconut or sesame oil. You can add turmeric for more detoxification.
Swish it around in the mouth for several minutes and turn the trash bin around.
Rinse your mouth with salt water and brush your teeth.

Oil pulling is also said to help strengthen the immune system. When you detox, you feel lighter, which can manage your stress and anxiety levels.

High vibrational energy is energy that is good and powerful. On the other hand, a low vibration feels heavy and is associated with negative emotions.

So, which vibration would you rather have?

Set your day right and everything else will follow.