8 Signs That You’re a Clairsentient

Do you easily sense people’s feelings, motives, and next steps without interacting with them directly? If you do, then you are probably clairsentient.

Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 67

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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 67

Clairsentience means “clear feeling.” There are many intuitive gifts but clairsentient is the most genuine among them. Being clairsentient means sensing the past, present, or future of people’s emotional and physical states without using your five senses.

Many confuse clairsentients with empaths.

An empath can feel and sense the energies and emotions of other people, animals and objects. This is similar to a clairsentient but what makes it different is that a clairsentient can also gain knowledge from the emotions they feel.

Here are signs that you are clairsentient:

You can easily feel the energy in a room

Many clairsentients find large crowds draining. It is because they can easily feel the energy in a room. Have you ever walked into a room and felt the “residual” energy of what happened there without anyone telling you before entering? If so, it is a strong indicator of your clairsentience.

She does not like to be in large crowds

8 Signs You're Clairsentient

As mentioned, clairsentients find large crowds draining because they feel the energies more strongly. This is why many clairsentients avoid large crowds of people.

You are very sensitive to your emotions

If you find yourself always overthinking situations that other people don’t mind, it’s also a sign that you’re clairsentient. In addition, you always have strong reactions to your negative emotions.

You can easily identify the root of other people’s problem

Are you THE friend people call and go to every time they have a problem? Do you ever feel like you know exactly what the root of other people’s problems are without them telling you? Do your friends often go to you for help or advice? Clairsentients not only feel energies, and this distinguishes them from empaths; clairsentience also allows them a deeper awareness for the energies or emotions they feel, therefore, they immediately get to the root of a problem or emotion.

You empathize strongly

There are empaths, and there is clairsentience. Call the latter more extreme empath since the clairsentients can put themselves in the mindset of people who hurt them in the past, therefore, allows the clairsentience to be more forgiving of others.

You can ALWAYS tell

As a clairsentient, you will be able to know a person’s true motives or personality without speaking a word. You can always tell a lot about a person just by simply being around their energies. and it almost always turns out to be good.

You can always feel other people’s pain

When a person you know is hurt or in your energy field, and you feel their emotions, you can almost always feel it physically and emotionally. If you find yourself in this situation a lot, it is important to learn to remove yourself from that kind of energy as soon as possible. Pain, especially those that do not originate from you, can be draining and stressful.

You are sensitive to your environment

How many times have you found yourself feeling a strong impact from small changes in your workplace or in your bedroom? Does clutter affect your thinking? This can also be a sign that you are clairsentient.

These are some of the signs of clairsentience. If you are one, you need to deal with it in the best possible way.

Dealing with Clairsentience

8 Signs You're Clairsentient

One of the best ways to deal with clairsentience is to embrace it for the gift that it is. Understand it better by exploring what different feelings mean.

It is also important to learn how to express your emotions in the most creative way possible. You can write your feelings, paint, etc. What is important here is to learn how to release the energies you get from your gift.

Another good way to deal with Clairsentience is to use it to help others. But always remember, you need a break from the energies of others, so you need to make sure you take these breaks seriously.

If you resonate to be clairsentient, then you have a gift. Nurture it and use it to spread more positivity in this world.