A Cosmic Overview of the January Full Moon in Cancer

We are warmly welcomed into 2023 with a reflective and nurturing Full Moon in Cancer on Wednesday, January 6th.

Also known as the Full Wolf Moon, this Moon falls in the darkest days of winter, after Christmas.

The Moon is very much at home in the sign of Cancer, making this one of the most sensitive and intuitive Full Moons.

It calls us to reconnect with our inner knowing and rebalance our inner energy.

Despite being the first Full Moon of the year, this Cancer Moon is actually still connected to the cosmic energy of the past year, making it a perfect moment to reflect on your experiences during 2022.

If it doesn’t feel natural for you to move forward with New Year’s Resolutions this Full Moon, don’t worry or feel the pressure to commit to goals right now.

Instead, take the time to gather yourself and make sure you are in the most aligned place to move forward next.

It may be easier for you to think of this Full Moon as a bridge between 2022 and 2023.

A kind of catalyst for growth as we move towards the new and reset ourselves at the beginning of the year.

One of the reasons for this is the fact that Mars and Mercury are currently retrograde until the end of the month.

This means we can feel a little foggy as we try to move forward with our visions for the new year.

Things may seem challenging, as if we are stuck on a hamster wheel, at least until these planets come out of retrograde.

Keep this in mind if any feelings of stagnation or frustration arise during the Full Moon, knowing that they will pass.

It’s actually a great lesson in releasing expectations and instead dwelling in the uncertainty of not knowing everything.

Retrograde planetary energy makes us move a little slower in the world.

It’s a very different feeling from the strong forward push we get when a planet comes out of retrograde.

It is advisable to avoid making commitments and long-term plans during this time.

Instead, allow yourself to reflect, go within, and keep yourself grounded in the everyday.

Cancer is a Water sign, ruled by the Moon.

This means that things can get emotional.

You may feel extra sensitive, intuitive, and connected to your home and all things related to a sense of security.

Some wonderful ways to celebrate this Full Moon in Cancer are:

Taking an Epsom salt bath with essential oils and flower petals.

You can light some candles and really relax your body, mind and soul.

Journal your thoughts about home, emotions, safety and relationships.

You can ask yourself questions like the following, and think about your ideas.

  • What makes me feel most at home in the world?
  • What friendships and relationships do I want to grow and explore this year?
  • What might I need to let go of to welcome in what I really want?
  • What do I really care about and what is the truth behind that desire?

Spring Clean your house

It’s a wonderful opportunity to combine some New Year’s spring cleaning with this Full Moon in Cancer.

Give your home a bit of a makeover, room by room, section by section until you feel like you’ve cleared the energy and made room for the new.

Spend time with the ones you love

Cancer can bring out our emotional side, even when we least expect it.

Surrounding yourself with people you love, who make you laugh, and most importantly who see you for who you are and support you, can be the best antidote to any emotional stress.

Always honor your feelings and emotions, no matter what.

Make time for yourself to really go through any emotional changes and accept them, let them pass you by.

Connect with your Intuition

Your intuition may be heightened at this time so pay close attention to anything you feel come out of the blue as a sign or message from your higher self.

You may feel this like a deep knowing, a stirring in your heart or stomach, or a vision that bursts into your mind.

Connect with your spiritual side and meditate to really make sure you are listening to your intuition correctly.

Create Affirmations

Write down affirmations that resonate with you and speak to the energies of this Full Moon.

Here are some examples:

  • I am open to acknowledging my emotions.
  • I am forging strong connections with others.
  • I honor my past and am excited for my future.
  • I know how far I’ve come.
  • My truth is important. My voice is important. My peace of mind is a priority.
  • I honor my deepest instincts.