A Success Strategy to Make New Year Resolutions that Actually Manifest

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so we’re told.

The season of love and giving, fun holidays and we look forward to the future with excitement!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and before you know it it’s December 31st and you haven’t had time to really review what your New Year’s Resolutions will be.

Or maybe you have an idea of ​​some really big things you’d like to achieve in 2023, and write them down on a list.

The problem is, if your list includes things like:

  • Make more money.
  • Buy my dream home
  • Meet my partner
  • Lose weight
  • Publish a book
  • Take a tropical vacation

Then you are not going about things the right way.

In fact, with a vague list like this you are literally starting the year off on the wrong foot.

This is because there is no game plan with a list like the one above.

These are big, life-changing goals that don’t have any specific details or ideas to make sure they actually happen.

If you really want change, I mean BIG CHANGE in 2023, you need a strategy that works!

You have to realize that it will take some real effort, a lot of hard work, discipline, determination and daily action to create the change you desire.

What the New Year brings you will depend on what YOU bring to the New Year!

Having a full twelve months stretching out in front of you can seem like you have forever to reach your goals.

The problem is that means you have no motivation to start today!

You can just wait a little, let January and February pass and start in June, or August, or October, right?


At least not if you actually want to make the change necessary to make your resolutions manifest in your life.

The key to successful change in 2023 really lies in creating a strategy that works for you.

It can be described in 3 steps:

  • Align
  • Focus
  • Believe

You ALIGN your thoughts (your mind) with the frequency of your intentions (goals).

You focus on small incremental action steps you can take to achieve your goals.

BELIEVE in yourself and your ability to create change and manifest your goals.

Start by taking each item on your list (each resolution) and share how you will achieve it.

For example, If you want to make more money in 2023, you have to decide HOW you are going to do it.

It may include:

  • Ideas on income strategies you can take
  • Learning about money management
  • Focus on developing an abundant mindset
  • Creating affirmations for yourself every day

If you want to meet your partner in 2023, you can include:

  • Work on your self-love.
  • You read all about love and happy relationships.
  • You put yourself out in the world deliberately to attract a conscious partner.
  • Join groups or socialize as often as possible in ways that feel good to you.

Once you have a clear idea of ​​the things you can do personally to work towards your resolutions, you can then divide the year into smaller chunks of time.

Work ahead in weeks (say two weeks at a time or 12 weeks at a time) to create a time frame that feels accessible to you.

Then create challenges and set yourself deadlines in each time period that serves your larger intentions.

Remember to work on your self-belief as well.

This is so very important in terms of keeping you motivated and working towards your goals.

You have to believe that you deserve what you want, and also that you are capable of having it.

Sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions and keeping a strategy that works requires you to be in a healthy and happy place spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.

When you feel healthy about your life, you are much more likely to achieve your goals and continue working towards them diligently.

Make sure you’re regularly doing things like practicing meditation, yoga, positive thinking, getting out in nature with sunlight if possible, eating nutrient-dense foods, drinking fresh spring water, and taking time to relax and enjoy life.

Working hard to achieve your dreams never feels like hard work when you are passionate and excited about it.

You may have more challenging days or times when you want to procrastinate and avoid your action steps.

But as long as you are taking care of yourself mind, body, and spirit and stay connected to your long term vision, you will ride the bumpy times with ease.

The bottom line is that your success strategy is about organizing your thoughts, emotions and actions all at once in such a way that nothing can get in the way of you achieving your goals yours!

Remember, you have to believe in yourself and your dreams if they are going to manifest!

This is non-negotiable!