Ritual for Abundance and Luck this 2023

Time flies, doesn’t it?

We are almost at the beginning of 2023 and it is hard to even believe that we are almost there…

No matter how much time slows down these days, the years seem to keep speeding up!

I’m sure we can all be excited about what this new year can bring us – with many more surprises to come.

So here’s to a bright, new future ahead! Let’s make the best of 2023!

And I don’t want you to enter 2023 without giving you something to bring more abundance, luck, and positivity to your life.

It’s a ritual I’ve been doing every year.

I have been contemplating for a long time whether I should share it with people because I know how effective it is.

And I made my decision.

I want you, my dear reader, to live the life that is for you – the life that you desire.

I don’t want you to have money worries.

Or doubts if you will be successful in life. I want you to start living your best life.

Just a short story about how I came across this ritual.

I had a friend from college who was a firm believer that whatever you set your mind to, you can achieve.

And we started talking more about it.

The more she explained to me, the more I became interested.

She started telling me about a ritual that her mother does every end of the year and how it brought them abundance each time for the coming year.

I was honored that she was sharing it with me.

And during the years I did it, it never failed to lead me to what I wanted.

So, are you ready to know more about the ritual?

Band Leaf Ritual

What you will need:

  • Bay leaves
  • Tweezers
  • A lighter
  • Marker
  • Fire safe bowl

The bay leaf ritual for abundance is a simple and powerful way to invite prosperity into your life.

All you have to do is write your goal on the bay leaf, place it inside the airtight bowl in front of you, reflect on it then light it with a match or lighter, and let it burn until the flame extinguishes itself. .

As the herb burns and its aroma fills the room, visualize yourself reaching your goal.

Feel gratitude in advance for what you will receive, then throw away the burnt leaves as an offering to the Universe.

After completing the ritual, trust that abundance will come – some may come unexpectedly; that’s part of the experience! With this magical ritual, you can invite more abundance into your life.

A little background on why we are using bay leaves.

Bay leaves symbolize abundance, luck and prosperity.

These symbolic shiny green leaves have been part of rituals and ceremonies around the world since pre-Roman times.

Today, bay leaves are still carried in pockets or placed around the house to attract and emit spiritual energy and to ward off negative energy.

The mere presence of the bay leaf in the home is said to represent inner peace, joy, fertility and healing – all components of an abundant life.

In addition, these lush leaves hint at a luxurious lifestyle, inspiring one to reflect on their current state of prosperity and strive for good luck in every aspect of their lives.

Whether it lights up your guest bedroom or tucked inside your favorite pillow, having bay leaves nearby is a reminder that luck comes in all shapes and sizes.

Will you try this ritual before 2023?