Align with Wealth Frequencies and Become a Powerful Manifestor

Sounds can help you create wealth in many ways.

For example, the sound of running water is associated with abundance, so having a fountain in your home or office can helps you attract money.

Likewise, the sound of wind chimes is said to promote good luck, so hanging them near your front door can help bring opportunities your way.

And if you’re looking to manifest more wealth in your life, try meditating on the sound of clinking gold coins.

The positive energy associated with these sounds can help attract abundance into your life.

All sounds contain energetic planes that can trigger a specific emotion, action or visualization.

And in the Law of Attraction (LOA), the way you think and feel about wealth has a significant influence on your income, abundance and prosperity.

That said, you can either attract or repel money with your thoughts and feelings.

Keep in mind that your feelings are influenced by your thoughts, while your thoughts are influenced by your beliefs.

Our beliefs are stored in the subconscious – and can be positive or negative.

Our conscious mind is the rational one, and it usually speaks for the subconscious without you realizing it.

This is why some people tend to focus more on the negative than the positive side of things.

The negative side reflects the subconscious limiting belief, while the positive side is different from the subconscious belief.

In the case of wealth, a person who has a deep subconscious belief that they do not deserve it, the mind will be inclined to doubt or consciously question any positive thoughts about abundance and will instead embrace the limiting belief in their subconscious.

I meditated

The key is to bypass the shield of the conscious mind.

What happens here is to avoid the rational mind, it should be relaxed.

The subconscious mind is more receptive when it is in a relaxed state.

Therefore, you need to get to a very relaxed state of mind to absorb frequencies of positive good.


As you are in a meditative state, this is the time that you hear good frequencies.

Listening to sounds that resonate with the frequency of good will help raise your vibrations and align it with the frequency of good that will help you manifest your desires in terms of good.

Make it a Routine

It will take some time before you can easily drop into a meditative state, but it is possible.

As long as you put your mind to it, you can make things happen for yourself.

Do this every day, and the next thing you know, you’ll find yourself easing into a relaxed state quickly.

Being aligned with the energy of good is an extraordinary feeling.

It’s a high you never want to leave.

What sound makes you feel like you can attract good into your life?