Empower Your Life and Live in Abundance with the Labradorite Pendant

What does life look like after divorce?

How do you pull yourself out of pain and insecurity, and learn from it all?

How do you make yourself believe that you deserve a fresh start? Abundant life? A successful career?

How do you take that first step to a new life again?

* * * * *

Jenna looked at herself in the mirror.

Looking back at her was a woman who looked tired and sleep deprived.

She had dark circles under her eyes, her arms were flabby, and her belly was swollen.

Was this really the cost of loving her family?

Sure, she just forgot to take care of herself.

But why couldn’t Peter see the woman behind this outward appearance? Why was looking good better than being a good wife and mother to their child?

Jenna washed her hair and chose clothes that didn’t show her love handles.

She was ready to meet her best friend.

This was also the first time she was going out since Peter left her for his secretary.

Sadness bloomed inside her. The insecurity made her feel like she was never enough.

But she had to push back those thoughts for now.

Arriving at the restaurant, Jenna immediately spotted Kate.

“Hey, how have you been?” Kate asked as they hugged.

With just one question, Jenna was taken back to the day she caught Peter cheating.

He was in the shower when the phone notification went.

She went to his phone and saw a message from his secretary.

See you at 8PM. I can’t wait. I miss you so much xx

The text brought her to her knees. When she confronted Peter, he left.

He never looked back to see what he was going through.

“Hello, wake up. He’s not coming back, Jenna. Don’t say you were thinking about him.” a friend insisted.

“It’s time for you to focus on yourself. You are a wonderful woman and your daughter, Camille, knows that.”

Camille was their 6-year-old daughter, whom she loved so much.

Every morning didn’t even feel like a chore. She loved to prepare breakfast for them.

Jenna enjoyed making their lunch for school and work.

Once they left, she would proceed to clean the house and do whatever work she could to keep everything tidy.

Was it a crime to leave what it looked like?

Well, maybe she completely mixed herself up. But she gave it all for her family.

Jenna was always there for their needs and wants.

“It’s time to choose yourself, Jenna. You even let go of your dreams as a writer.”

“You had so much passion for it before. Start from there. Don’t let that keep you from who you are meant to be.”

When Jenna got home, Kate’s words played over and over in her mind.

A writer. Yes, it used to be one. But she forgot everything.

Maybe she should go back to it. Because things were going to get tougher soon enough.

They were living off the savings she had left, and she had to look for a job if she wanted to continue and support Camille.

Peter was missing in action; he wasn’t answering her calls or texts.

This brought Jenna to tears.

“I’m miserable,” she said to herself.

Believe in yourself

After Jenna met Kate, something in her made her want to take action.

Even though deep down, she still felt betrayed, hurt, and insecure.

At night, she still cried sometimes because of the pain she felt.

In addition, she had to keep her head above water.

To calm her emotions, she started doing things differently; like meditating in the comforts of her home, eating the right food, and taking care of herself.

She even got a job as a magazine writer. Even if the pay was not what she expected, she took it.

Everything for her daughter, Camille. She had to be a mother first, always, before thinking about herself.

On her way home from work, she suddenly bumped into a woman.

“Ooh! I’m so sorry I got lost in my thoughts. Are you ok?”

When she looked up, she realized that the woman in front of her was her Yoga Guru from years before.

She looked so beautiful. And while admiring the appearance of her guru, Jenna’s eyes were immediately directed to the necklace on her neck.

The pendant would shine even if the sun wasn’t shining so much anymore.

There was this energetic pull that made her want to touch her.

“Jenna, you? You look beautiful. how are you?” asked her guru.

And from then on, their conversation led them to a nearby coffee shop.

They talked about what happened in their lives. Jenna opened up about Peter and how she was coping.

She ended up crying because she still couldn’t get over the fact that despite everything she did, she still wasn’t enough.

“Just because it’s gone doesn’t mean you can’t start again. Your life does not depend on how you see yourself. You can still live a successful life on your own.”

“Don’t be afraid to pick yourself up and start over. You know what, maybe the Universe led us to where we are today. I think this is meant to be yours.”

As her guru finished speaking, she removed the necklace and handed it to Jenna.

“This is a labradorite necklace. It is the stone of transformation.”

“It empowers you to be who you are meant to be, to make peace with your past so you can have an abundant future.”

“Put it on, and let me know when the magic starts to happen. Namaste.”

Jenna insisted she didn’t need it.

Yes, the necklace was beautiful, but she couldn’t possibly just take it from her guru, whom she hadn’t seen in years.

But her guru told her that she had already done her work for her.

It was time to help someone else.

… and the Rest Will Follow

Jenna took the time to read about the labradorite stone.

It was as beautiful as it was powerful. She constantly wore it, day in and out.

Slowly but surely, she began to feel a surge of energy within her to go for her dreams.

She started meditating with the stone, always thinking about the life she wanted.

She believed that the Universe was listening to her intentions and gave up control.

Whatever happened, be what was destined for her.

One night, she opened her laptop and wrote an article about Life After Divorce.

She discussed ways on how to come back from it and how to love oneself again.

After she finished writing her article, she texted her boss and fell asleep.

The next day, she woke up to several notifications on her phone.

Her boss loved the article! And they received so many responses from her.

Their readers loved the topic and engaged with them in their comments section.

Jenna’s boss offered to give her a try at having her own column. Along with this there was an increase in wages that she did not expect.

She went to her daughter’s room and started kissing Camille on both cheeks.

“Oh my girl, we’re going to be alright!” gratitude was overflowing in her heart.

“Mom, I love you. Are you okay now?” Jenna looked at Camille and smiled.

“More than good, sweetie.”

Life is mysterious. But he always rewarded those who work hard and don’t give up easily.

The Mystical Power of the Labradonite Pendant

With its pearly hue that glows in an array of iridescent blues and greens, it’s no wonder that this stone will attract attention.

But apart from its mesmerizing beauty, it is also the best stone to temper the negative and help calm the overthinking mind.

is the a perfect choice for those who need a fresh start, where a person can set their intentions and create inspired actions.

One of her known powers is to protect the aura by creating a barrier that holds the energy in it, where the elemental forces are strengthened but at the same time kept in balance…

— A great tool to bring back joy, peace, and spontaneity in the individual and in life.

Jenna simply believed her guru and the Universe.

She put her trust in the unknown and watched her life become more abundant than ever before.

The Labradorite Pendant will:

  • Empower your life.
  • Get rid of negative energies.
  • Remove insecurities and doubts.
  • Create opportunities for growth.
  • Help to move on from breakups and fears.
  • Let you experience the best in life.

Your past does not define who you are and who you will be.

Don’t forget your dreams and passion, be like Jenna. Above all they live in abundance.

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