Amplify your Spiritual Awareness in the First Week of July with the Sirius Gateway

The first week of July is a powerful time of high vibrational frequencies in the Universe that you can use to strengthen your spiritual awareness and also boost your manifestations.

Read on for my tips on how to make the most of this magical time, and discover the one thing you can do that will align you with a higher frequency.

So, all this intense spiritual energy takes place because of the sacred portal activated between the Earth and the star Sirius.

This is when the Sun comes together with Sirius, which is at 14 degrees of Cancer, it happens every year in the first week of July.

But this year, it happens specifically on July 4-5.

During the first week of July, we can all access this incredibly powerful energy!

We can tap into high vibrational frequencies and raise our own energetic vibrations to align with creativity, inspiration, innovation and spiritual intuition.

Ancient cultures thought of Sirius as the Spiritual Sun of the Earth.

It actually shines 23 times brighter than our own Sun, but of course, it is much, much further, way out in the galaxy.

You can think of the Sun and Sirius as acting together to help us.

The Sun is, of course, essential for life on our planet.

We need it for our energy, heat and light.

Sirius is like a spiritual sun, helping to connect us to higher planes, and higher consciousness – allowing us access to higher frequencies.

Throughout history, ancient cultures looked to Sirius and saw the star as closely linked to spiritual awakening in some way.

Modern astrologers see Sirius as a star that holds the vibration of freedom and spiritual truth.

That energy can help you shed any false ways you’re living, empowering you to step into your truest and most vibrant self.

The energetic frequency of freedom is so powerful, and it can also act as an inspirational energy that pushes you to go out into the world and see your dreams come true.

This first week of July is the ideal time to connect with this very powerful energy and make the most of it to advance our spiritual awareness and connect with our own spirituality.

Here are my suggestions on how to best prepare yourself to receive the wonderful energetic vibrations available to you from Sirius at this time.


Becoming still and allowing that inner stillness to rise is the perfect way to connect with the high vibrations of the Sirius portal.

You can follow a guided meditation or just sit with your breath for a few minutes until you feel a calmness come over you.

Do this every morning and evening and you will find it easier every time you sit down.

Activate your Third Eye:

Your third eye is the center of your psychic, intuitive and spiritual abilities.

You can help activate this innate power that you have during the Sirius Gateway, and increase your spiritual connection.

You can do this after specific guided meditations, or simply focus your attention on your Third Eye chakra, and imagine that it glows a beautiful purple color.

You can also lie down and place an amethyst crystal in the middle of your forehead, imagine that your third eye becomes clearer and vibrates faster.

Creative Writing:

Spend some time free writing each day this week. If you can, do this first thing in the morning when you wake up, before you do anything else.

This is a powerful way to release your thoughts so you can connect more deeply with your emotions behind the mental chatter.

You can also write down any insights or messages that may have happened to you during the time of your dreams.

The Sirius Gateway also represents a time of downloads and spiritual messages from other realms, so you may be experiencing more vivid dreams or psychic moments.

Free writing in this way is also an amazing tool to receive divine guidance.

You can focus on a problem or challenge and ask for guidance as you write down what comes to mind.

There is an incredible healing energy that comes from doing this exercise.

Working with crystals:

The powerful cosmic energies at this time amplify the innate power of the crystals and in turn, you can use that to boost your intention setting.

It’s a powerful time to make some really strong intentions and then visualize those dreams coming true as you meditate with your chosen crystal in your hand.

You can also charge your crystals outside in the sun during this week, and then each evening hold them in your palm as you watch your manifestations come true!

Finally, do whatever feels intuitive to you during this week.

You may feel like taking more baths or being near water.

You may be drawn to being outside in nature, or to spend more time at home alone.

The powerful frequencies can be overwhelming for some, and you need to make sure you honor your energy and always take care of your own needs first.

If you do one thing during this week, meditation will be the most basic and beneficial for you.

Even if you simply take three deep breaths in and out every morning and evening!

A little goes a long way, and simply grounding yourself in the present moment will raise your vibration and keep you aligned with peace and balance.

Enjoy this powerful and magical time!