4 Ways To Unblock Your Root Chakra To Let More Money In

Money is usually the root of everyday stress in people’s lives. If you’re one of those people and you’ve done almost everything in your power—from getting a side job, saving more money, etc. and still nothing happens, then it’s time to visit the root chakra.

What is the Root Chakra and its Connection to money

The root chakra is the first of the seven energy centers in the body and represents our basic survival needs.

The first chakra is where the unconscious mind is located and life is brought through it. It keeps us grounded and connected to the world. The root chakra is the energetic gateway to our life on earth.

It is through this chakra where we experience our natural sense of self-preservation. Our primary needs require money. Therefore, if you have a healthy first chakra, take practical actions to ensure your safety and well-being. On the other hand, if the root chakra is not balanced, it can create feelings of guilt and distrust that can block energy abundance.

How Do You Know If Your Root Chakra Is Blocked?

Do you feel disconnected from others?
Do you often feel depressed?
Do you lack confidence and feel insecure most of the time?

These are some of the clear signs that your root chakra is blocked.

The blocks in the root chakra are typically caused by a feeling of guilt towards abundance.

How to Unblock the Root Chakra

4 Ways To Unblock Your Root Chakra To Let More Money In

The good news is, you can unblock your root chakra to allow more abundance into your life. How?

Identify the Fear

Always remember that money is energy, which is why you need to make sure your energy is aligned with its energy if you want it to flow in your life.

If you don’t have the money, or just can’t get it, it’s just a reminder that your energies are not aligned with his. Therefore, you need to make changes in your energy.

The first step is to identify what is holding you back. You will be surprised that what is actually holding you back resides in the fear of something.

Look at the thoughts you have had about money. You are likely to feel feelings of panic every time you think that the money is not yet in your hands.

Panic comes from fear, which means your energy is aligned with fear, not money energy. When you identify the particular fear, you start working on it to eradicate it from your life.

Have an Action Plan

When you have identified your fear, you must create a plan to eliminate it from your life. Ask yourself where you want to be months or years from now and write it down. Be sure to affirm your desires in the present moment, as if it is already happening in your life.

You can read this every day until you no longer feel that fear holding you back from getting the abundance you desire.

Open Your Root Chakra

Exercises, breathing techniques, and meditation are helpful to open chakras. You can also use crystals and essential oils to open the first chakra.

One thing you can do is to stimulate the Perineum. Sit in a butterfly position and hold onto the outside of your feet with your hands. Raise your hips up and down as you rock forward and back. This opens up your hips and you feel your body warming up. Take a deep breath as you do this and repeat the motion as many times as you can.

You can do this specific exercise every morning to stimulate and open your root chakra.

I meditated

As mentioned, meditation is one of the things you can do to open your root chakra. A simple daily meditation can be helpful in opening the first chakra.

You can also try hypnosis to reprogram your mind and open the root chakra. There are hypnosis audios you can get today to help you open up to more abundance in your life.

Here it is great audio hypnosis which you can try at home.