Becoming a Vibrational Match to your Perfect Year in 2022

Want to know how to have the most abundant year yet?

Would you like to make 2022 the year you master the Law of Attraction?

Would you like to feel in control of your own vibrational frequency and align it with all the things you dream of manifesting?

If you’re reading this and already feel like that seems impossible or something that only other people can do — please don’t give up!

Read on, because I’m going to tell you exactly how to create lasting change in your life.

You have the power to find and feel your way into a higher vibration.

Anything you desire, whether it’s to lose weight, fall in love, live by the beach, triple your income, clear up a health issue — whatever it is You and you alone have the power to create it.

All you want is simply a decision, and committed action away.

What does it mean? Well, that means you have to do more than just like what you like.

You have to be committed to change.

Maybe you have a vision board, maybe you write affirmations, maybe you have some crystals lined up on your windowsill – but how effective are those things for you?

Are you returning daily to your vision board?

Do you check it enough to tune in to what it represents, and update it to match your desires and shifting manifestations?

Do your affirmations resonate with you every day?

Are they actually helping you to shift your brain patterns or talk yourself into being more positive?

The point I am making is that these things are only effective if they are integrated into your life in a way that creates positive changes.

It’s one thing to make a vision board and know you have one somewhere that you occasionally look at, but if you’re not connecting with it emotionally on a daily basis, it’s just not effective for you.

The same goes for affirmations.

Anyone can write some nice sentences on a piece of paper and repeat them a few times — the trick is to really embody their meaning and, above all, to believe what he says!

I want you to understand that it is not enough to go through the motions of positive things – you must be disciplined to follow through and create change in your life with action.

For example, holding a citrine crystal when you meditate alone will not magically change your life and bring you happiness and abundance.

You must make a commitment to change your actions, thoughts and behavior – then the high frequencies of the crystal will enhance your already raised vibration – acting as a spiritual tool to help you.

Consider this — you won’t actually lose any weight if all you did was write down a list of healthy foods you knew you should eat, or if you just watched a workout video.

The way to lose weight is to take consistent action to exercise more and change your diet.

The same goes for raising your vibration and manifesting your desires.

I’m not saying you should think of it as hard work, but it certainly requires discipline, focus, and action.

You cannot create anything new in your life if you keep doing the same things over and over again.

Sometimes, short-term discomfort is necessary for long-term gain.

With discomfort, I mean, moving out of the familiar and comfortable zone in which you normally live.

So, if you want to quadruple your income in 2022 — you must take a different action than you did in 2021.

You need a game plan and you need to take steps to create what you want.

In the same way, if you want to change your health, you have to do something different and do it every day.

Of course, you also have to BELIEVE that you are able to change.

I believe there are two ways to approach this.

1. Planning with lists, daily actions, and achievements.

2. Work daily on shifting your mental patterns and beliefs.

First you need to be focused and committed to following a plan that works for you.

Second you need to be very good at listening to your inner dialogue and recognizing where you need to remove any old thought patterns.

There are many books and online tools out there to help you with physical planning and scheduling.

My advice would be to choose a method that works for you, that is realistic for you, and try to stick to it for at least 21 days.

Mental work is something you can be healing and processing for a long time.

One of the fastest ways to initiate changes in your thought processes is to be very clear about your outdated beliefs.

Let’s say you want to create more income and time freedom in 2022. Do you believe this is possible?

You have to change your usual assumptions about your life in order to experience a new reality.

If you think you never have enough time or money – guess what? You never will.

But what if you start to assume that time and money will come easily to you?

That in fact, the more you did, the more time you seemed to have.

The more fun you’ve had creating your life, the more income you’ll get.

When you change your assumptions about your life, and commit to them through your thoughts, beliefs and actions – your reality reflects those changes.

I will conclude this blog with one thought for you:

“Do you worry about not having the things you already know are yours?”

No, right? Because they are already yours.

You don’t have to worry about them.

I’m referring to things you take for granted — your innate skills and talents, your home, family, the food and water you have access to.

Everything in your life you assume will be there in the morning (Of course, life is uncertain, but there are always things that you just assume are yours).

So try to take the attitude that the desires you want are already yours.

Try to feel what it feels like in your body. Done!

You just need to match those desires by raising your vibrational frequency to theirs.

You do this through your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

So go and create the life you dream of in 2022!