Calling all Empaths! Turn your Sensitivity Into a Super Power

Everyone is talking about empaths these days, but it’s often in a negative light as if being an empath is debilitating. People feel affected by their empathic nature, as if it is a curse.

It doesn’t have to be!

Empaths are very sensitive people whose specific characteristics can vary from person to person.
There are those who draw heavily on the emotional state of other people, and those who can detect and feel physical illness. There are empaths who can detect thoughts and feelings and those who even feel the emotions of animals or of large groups of people globally.

Many empaths can pick up negative energy from human emotions all over the world and can have trouble watching the news, for example.

If you think you are an empath, it is possible that you exhibit characteristics of one or all of these different empath personality types. Taking on the pain and heavy emotions of others can leave you feeling absolutely drained of your energy or even depressed without really knowing why.

The thing is that being an empath also comes with incredible positive strengths and qualities. Far from being a draining force, your sensitivity to others can actually be an incredible superpower.

You don’t have to sacrifice your happiness and health if you’re an empath, you can find ways to manage your gifts and see where your strengths are.

When you are an empath, healing yourself on all levels has an outward healing effect on the entire world. The fact that it exists is a beautiful thing for humanity.

Positive Characteristics of being an Empath

  • Spiritually Connected
  • Deep insight
  • Concern for harmony in the world
  • Optimism and compassion
  • It’s worth being around
  • Faithful and willing to help others
  • Attuned to other people’s moods
  • Good listener
  • Happy in Nature

Of course, there are downsides to all that sensitivity and empaths can easily fall prey to toxic people, non-listeners, narcissists and anyone who takes advantage of your good nature.

Empaths can also have a difficult time in groups and prefer to be one on one or in small groups. They can also be overwhelmed by intimacy and loud noises, smells or bad energy.

How do you deal with your empathic traits?

Turn your sensitivity to your advantage by taking care of yourself.
Being an empath is not a curse; it is a blessing.
You are one of the few people on Earth who can connect the subtle nuances of energetic situations. This is a powerful feature! All that compassion and sensitivity is beautiful.

Here are six ways you can make sure you keep empathy working as a superpower for you and not debilitating you further…

Boost your Self-Worth – Don’t let your desire to be loved and accepted affect your self-esteem. It can be easy for empaths to victimize themselves and feel in need of love. Stop yourself from falling into this trap and remember that you deserve love by stepping into your power and feeling your uniqueness.

Believe in your intuition – Have the confidence to trust your inner guidance at all times. Empaths can pick up feelings, emotions, psychic images and even smells. If you practice following your inner navigator, you will learn to recognize and dissociate yourself from any toxic situation that drains your energy and instead attract only positive and healthy relationships.

Meditate regularly – This is the best way to recharge yourself when you feel drained. Walking in nature also helps as well as connecting with crystals or natural elements in your home. Anything that reminds you of your inner stillness can help you recover your energy and power.

Set Boundaries – Say no when you want and protect your time, space and above all your energy. Put yourself first when you need to and know when you’ve had enough. As a good listener, this is so important as there are those who will take advantage of your good intentions and ability to hold space for others.

Practice self-love – As an empath you have high emotional intelligence and you want to use it to your advantage. Remember to honor your feelings, emotions and needs. You have the power within you to heal and it all starts with you.

Art Yourself – In order to transmute the negative effects of taking all this energy from others, practice grounding yourself to change any negative effects. Being around crystals, plants or water can help. Practice gratitude to turn your attention back to positive things and take time to be still in nature.
When you step into your power as an empath and possess that sensitive nature, you can truly experience happiness and purpose in life.

Instead of complaining or feeling overwhelmed by your gifts, see them as the wonderful blessing they truly are.
Your main task is to take responsibility for your own energy and remember to always fill your cup first.

No one else is responsible for how you live your life. Take the time to nurture yourself and your empathic gifts and watch them become a true superpower, guiding your life on a path to deep beauty, joy and fulfillment.

In what ways do you feel you are empathetic? How did you embrace your nature?

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