Can The Law Of Attraction Change Someone Else’s Behavior?

Do you feel irritated by the actions of others, perhaps a spouse, partner, friend, colleague, or family member?

Are their habits bothering you?

Now, after the success of your manifestation and using the Law of Attraction (LOA) to live the life you desire, you are probably wondering if you can manifest a change in someone’s behavior…

The answer here is: YOU CAN’T.

BUT, you can influence it.

You cannot directly change someone else’s behavior but you can influence their actions by how you think and act.


Let’s say your partner has changed—he or she is no longer as affectionate compared to the past. After many times of communicating this with your beau, nothing has changed yet. As this leaves you frustrated and your mind is filled with negative thoughts about your partner.

Keep in mind that your thoughts can easily manifest because you are too consumed with negative thoughts about your partner. So, one little thing your partner does can throw you off and lead to an overreaction that can put your relationship in troubled waters.

When this happens, it is not mainly about your partner’s behavior, but how you reacted to the smallest thing that you don’t like your partner to do is the result of your pent-up emotions created by your thoughts.

You are not to blame here, though.

What you can do here is to focus on the problem first, then your thoughts, and finally, your actions.

So, let’s break down the situation in details:

The problem: You are not getting the effect you want from your partner.

Your thoughts: Observe your thoughts, and you will come to the realization that you are amplifying his or her faults because you are angry and frustrated.

Your actions: You snap at your partner over the smallest things—what seem like small problems turn into big ones that lead to arguments. Arguments easily get off topic in which you bring up irrelevant things that you’ve held against your partner over the years you’ve been together. In turn, this will turn into a nasty cycle that will never be resolved. Why? Because the problem isn’t about your partner’s inability to put the toilet seat down, it stems from something deeper—which is your need for more affection.

Now, what can you do to influence their behavior?

First you start with your thoughts. Observe them and correct them immediately. I know this can be challenging at first, but practice it, and you’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

As you observe your thoughts, you will eventually see the truth in them, and recognize your mind’s desperate attempts to produce negative emotions towards your partner. When you realize how easily you can be manipulated to create negative emotions, you can begin the process of replacing them with positive feelings instead.

When you have that sorted out, it’s time to figure out how you want your partner to be. This does not mean that you are looking for more, but instead, you are trying to see how your relationship can be better, not just for you but for both of you.

Visualize it until you feel it in your bones. When you see how you want your partner to be towards you, you feel a sense of love and admiration for them. Continue to live in this “fantasy” because it will change your thoughts, and in turn, your behavior.

When your behavior is more positive and genuine, your partner will have no choice but to recognize it. Soon, you will experience the fruits of your labor as your partner begins to imitate your behavior.

And there, problem solved!

It’s not a walk in the park, but it’s something you can do—not just for your romantic relationships but in your other partnerships.

Commit yourself to this, and soon you will experience another miracle of LOA to change the behaviors of others.