Create an Abundance Check to Live Your Dream Life

You might be wondering… wait, what is abundance control?

We’ll get to that right away!

We all want more money, better health, and a long and more fulfilling life.

This is why I recommend doing an abundance check (or check) to attract what your heart desires.

Abundance checks (or checks) are used to attract more abundance into our lives.

When I say “abundance,” it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all about money.

Abundance can be manifested in various ways such as compliments, job offers, a new friend, winning a vacation, etc.

Abundance control is using whatever control you have. You can use this for this process.

How to Create Abundance Control

Get yourself a blank check. Alternatively, you can write your own cheque.

However, I advise using a blank check as it is more practical.

This strengthens its persuasion to your subconscious mind.

It’s time to do an abundance check after you have the check ready:

  • Include the date. The time when you will get abundance needs to be fixed in the future.
  • Payable only to you.
  • Write about the good you want to bring into your life.
  • Write a detailed description of how you intend to benefit from abundance in the memo or “to” section.
  • Sign the check “The Universe” or any other name you feel is powerful to bring you the abundance you seek.
  • Put it in a safe place that you can access every day.

Now that you have created your abundance control, you need to know how to use it.

Aside from placing it strategically in an area where you can see it every day, there are more ways to use it that help speed up the manifestation process.

How to Use Your Abundance Check

Spend It Mentally – take your check with you everywhere.

When you are out, spend money mentally on things that make for a better life and bring these energies into your own.

Give It Away – your abundance checks can be left blank or filled in with someone else’s name.

You can give this to people you know are in manifestation or the Law of Attraction.

You’ll feel luckier when you pass them on, and they might just do the same for their friends!

Do Energy Work – pick up your check at least once a day and feel in abundance.

You can meditate on it for a few minutes. Just feel the abundant energies that surround it.

When you feel its energies, start visualizing experiences in your life that align with that.

By doing this, you will bring abundance into your life.

Now that you are ready and in control of your abundance, you can now focus on the prosperity you want to bring into your life.

Keep in mind that your control for abundant life has already been delivered to the Cosmos.

Now it is up to the Divine to bring it to you. You should sit back and let her take care of everything.

Don’t stress yourself about how or when you will come.

You can attract the wealth you desire by putting your faith in the universe and concentrating your thoughts.

Then, suddenly, there it was, staring you in the face. Kaching!

Will you do your own abundance check after reading this?