Creating a Vision Board to Boost your Vibration

If you are reading this blog, I imagine you are interested in learning more about how creating a vision board can help you manifest your dreams and desires with the Law of Attraction, and turn them into reality . A personal vision board is a powerful tool that can enhance your chances of manifesting and help connect you to what you really, truly want out of life.

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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 67

First, let’s take a quick overview of the Law of Attraction and how it works on a basic level.

The Law of Attraction is a universal, all-powerful law that exists everywhere. It essentially means that “like attracts like” vibrationally or in other words, what you give your attention to vibrationally will be attracted back to you. Everything in our Universe has a vibration on a deeper level. Everything you see is actually “space” but it is vibrating on an atomic level so fast that you see it as solid. When we say that everything is vibrational that also includes our feelings, thoughts and emotions.
As you think a thought and your attention stays there, you attract similar thoughts. As you continue to focus your attention on that thought, your vibration will attract more and more similar thoughts. This is the basic process of how vibrational attraction operates.
You can identify your vibration by checking in with your emotions. If you are feeling excited, happy and loving, you can be sure that you are offering a high-flying positive vibration.
The thing is that the Law of Attraction always works, so it not only attracts the positive, but also the negative and everything in between. So as you offer your vibration to the Universe, it in turn offers you the correlated thoughts, experiences, situations, coincidences, synchronicities etc. that match that vibration.
So clearly the goal is to come into deep alignment with who you are on a core level, and vibrationally remove what feels right to you. The more you focus on the abundance in your life and the satisfaction you feel, the more the Law of Attraction will bring that back to you!
The problem of course, is that many people find it hard to get over the feeling that they don’t have enough, that they don’t deserve what they want or that they can’t have what they want for some reason. The majority of people then offer a mixed vibration to the Universe, so they constantly get mixed results.
The Universe can give you everything you dream of BUT you have to be offering the sign for it.

How Can a Vision Board Help?

A vision board acts as a visual and tangible representation of the things you desire. As you surround yourself and focus your mind on the images of the life you want to experience, the more those experiences will come to you. Remember “Energy goes where attention goes.:”
During visualization, our minds cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined. This has been proven time and time again in studies, for example in this research a group was asked to play a set of piano notes every day for five days straight. They had their brains scanned every day in the region that connects to the muscles of the fingers. Another group were simply asked to imagine playing the same notes for the same period of time, and also had their brains scanned every day. The brain scans show that the changes in the brain were exactly the same in those who actually played the notes and those who only imagined playing them. A group that neither played nor imagined playing the notes, had no changes in their brain scans.

What does this mean? As far as your mind is concerned, whatever you imagine is happening is actually happening!

Check out the following steps to create the perfect vision board for you.

1. Clarify and Connect to Your Vision

First you really need to narrow your focus to what you want, you can do this by meditating, day dreaming or journaling. Let your mind spin all the things you want to be, do or have and write them down. Think about your values, career goals, relationships, health and wellness, home life, ambitions etc.
You can even put on some relaxing music, light a candle and set the scene so that your imagination feels free to roam.
Creating a vision board will direct your attention to your desires and identify what really matters to you. The act of creating a board helps you zoom in on those things that are truly meaningful to you.

2. Create the Board and View

There are many different ways to create a vision board. You can choose the more tangible way of cutting images from magazines, newspapers, printed pictures/quotes from the Internet, photos and even other materials or things that spark your imagination. All of these can be arranged and pasted onto a large piece of cardboard or paper.
The more digitally inclined may prefer to create a vision board online, or on Pinterest. The benefit of a digital version is that you can make it your desktop picture or wallpaper on your smartphone and take it with you wherever you go, making it easy to keep it in view and therefore in your consciousness.
If you have made a tangible vision board then hang it in thought, somewhere where you will see it often.
Visualizing with the help of your vision board doesn’t mean looking at it all day, it’s about looking at it every day to remind you of your goals, the things you can achieve and to act as a source of motivation to keep working towards it. the things you like.
Our brains, as discussed are capable of incredible things, and through visualization they can send signals to the rest of the body that certain things are happening even if they are only being imagined. When you regularly see yourself in the life of your dreams, you are regularly preparing yourself for that reality.

3. Surrender to the Universe

Your job is to trust that the Universe is able to provide your vision through opportunities and events that will enter your life. Figure out each day and then let it go. When something happens that takes you further on the path to achieving your goals, say thank you and feel the excitement in your body as your dreams come true.
Feel free to add new ideas and inspiration as things shift and change in your life. Keep yourself open-minded and ready for new opportunities, as reflected in your vision board.

Extra tips to boost the success of your vision board:

Bring the vision to the present moment:
I have found that while it is so exciting to be transported with pictures of exotic beaches and fancy cars, the beautiful things you want and the families and careers you want to create – sometimes when we put all our attention on these things that we want that we don’t have, we perpetuate the feeling that they are always beyond our reach.
Focusing on something you want that you know is in the future, tends to keep it in the future.
This is why I believe we can help ourselves offer the vibration of abundance and manifest those “future” desires by also adding to our vision boards, wonderful things we already have and for which we are grateful.
So you can add photos of loved ones, holidays that you have already experienced, small successes, happy memories – things that you have already manifested, things that fill you with joy, happiness and light.
In this way you combine both those things you are calling into your life and the things you have already manifested. Creating a board that brings your future desires into alignment with what is now means that your mind will not distinguish between what is and what is future. It will be easier to match your desires vibrationally and attract them into your reality faster.
Perhaps we can call this type of vision board – a good feeling board, or a happy board. One that acts like a positive boost of spiritual medicine for your soul.