Dream Tuning: Use Lucid Dreams to Manifest Your Desires

Have you ever experienced having the power to manipulate your dreams?

It is when you become aware that you are dreaming and suddenly what you want to happen happens!

It’s pure magic, don’t you think?

But have you ever thought that this can help you manifest your desires into reality?

Well, it can!

Lucid dreaming is a state of mind that allows you to take complete control of what happens in your dreams.

Once you can achieve this, manifestation is easy.

Since you already have the power to change what happens while you sleep, what else when you are awake?

If you have experienced lucid dreaming and want to use their power to manifest your desires, then try the dream tuning steps below.

1. Decide on What You Want to Manifest

Before you sleep, think and clarify what you want to manifest.

Picture everything in your head – the exact scene you want to happen – think about the smell, the vivid colors, the people involved, and the feelings that can arise.

Once you have everything in mind, feel the positive energy from your desire around you and sleep with it.

2. Lucid Dream Affirmations

Think about your affirmation for sleep.

This helps to strengthen your desires and help them you become stronger and clearer in your mind.

Write it on a piece of paper and put it under your pillow.

Now, after you have done the first step, read the affirmation three times out loud and go to sleep.

Here are some of the affirmations you can use.

  • I will manifest my dreams.
  • My dreams are my manifestations.
  • I am a manifesto of the light sleeper.

3. Listen to Sound Trips

You may think that these are just simple music that lulls you to sleep. But no!

It is not. It’s way stronger than you think.

These are sounds that are designed to work in sync with you during your sleeping hours – the most powerful time for transformation and manifestation to occur.

When you sleep, your conscious mind, with its fears, doubts, anxieties and self-sabotaging tendencies, is “off,” leaving only your pure subconscious mind 100% open.

This is where the sound journey will come in and help amplify your manifestations.

This is the power of Moonlight Manifestation.

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